Monday, August 22, 2016

More Rum News - Summer 2016

 In desperate need of an update, and we have a Tasting to report!
I have done some soul searching and decided we will be doing monthly posts and more, if needed. I have been exploring new distilleries during the years and frankly I need to go through them all - see who is still around and such as well as research states I have in the past and see what is new. That is a lot of behind the scenes, but will be of great value to you dedicated readers in your research of new, American Made Rums.

First. we finally stopped at Grand Traverse Distillery (the location in Leland, Fishtown). I had tasted their Rum a couple of years ago, but I had not tasted the "finished" bottled product, Silver Rum for over a year.
They use an imported Caribbean sugarcane, but it is all made right there in Traverse City.
The sampling was, as fully expected, a pleasure. When done in house with the Master Distiller, the product was a very nice rum. In its store bottle, it is understated, refined and quite good. As usual, I tend to see a clear rum as more of a mixer. Well, this one would make a very, very nice mixer rum. I can easily see this neat (or a cube if wanted) as a sipper as well as the butterscotch nose is nice as is the vanilla flavor on the tongue. I can recommend this one, for sure.
At their website the advertise a Dark, Aged Rum -- None in evidence -- we will pursue and see what we find! I had tasted this rum in their downtown Travers store last time, but I love making the Quality Control taste whenever I can!
I can say, if you are in the Tasting room in Fishtown, their entire line is nice. However, for a treat, head to the distillery itself, just south of Traverse city, and see the magic! Say "hi" to them for me when you are there.