Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello? Is This Thing Working??

 Hi. Remember me? I am Rick the Rum Runner (RTRR). Sorry it has been a long time between posts. I have been busy and at least some of it has been busy in Rum. That said, let's look at what's happening.

Spring, Summer 2016. I am doing some travel, therefore we'll be visiting distilleries. Some will be ones we've seen before, checking progress, meeting old friends. Some will be new. Remember new is "New to me". Some may have been in business for a long time, others just into the rum trade. In fact some may not even make rum at all! We will try to persuade them to change their ways. ...

On going. As I get more and more used to the retirement life, I find I am busier than ever. So I am saying here -- My posts may be fewer and far between. No, I am FAR away from giving it up, but let's just say I need to treat it as one of my activities, not the activity. We will still go one distillery hunts, Still sample new rums. Still make the road trips. I just will tend to be a bit quieter about it. ... Because of that you may see a difference in the length of my posts. They may be shorter. These will be just updates and commentary over emails, comments in and about American Made Rum (our Facebook page - like it if you have not already done that) things like that. I will usually NOT post those at, so it's a good idea to check in here from time to time (or better yet subscribe, so you are notified when there is new content).

Then we'll have bigger, perhaps multi-part reviews, tours, etc. I even am exploring more rum-based recipes to post here to make your life more rumelicious....

So, let's talk:
Looking at Twitter (@rick_rum_runner), we see lots of new readers and some rums to follow up on. We will be doing that and getting back to you. It is a GREAT selection of Rum as well as other distilled spirit news and activities. I have Rums not covered in my blog (not made in the USA) there as well. Also are a lively group of Twitterers, who comment, review, give tips, ideas and just about anything under the sun about drinking, eating you know, living. It is FUN. Also when I publish here - it gets tweeted to my followers that there is a new blog. Another way to keep connected.

Emails are a great way too. Please send comments, ideas, questions to me at our email address. As far as whats in there now I'll look:

We have news from Lyon Distillery. Everyone there is such great fun. They were just reminding me that they offer tastes and tours (and sale prices apparently) so if you are in or planning to be in the area.... Stop in! Please tell them RTRR sent you!

Blackwater Distilling sends word that they have new hours. They have succumbed to the Devil rum and are open 7 Day A Week, Noon till 5PM. They will conduct their last tour at 4PM. As said above: If you are in or planning to be in the area.... Stop in! Please tell them RTRR sent you!

I am tracking down some local distillers here in Chicagoland, so expect a report. Also plan a visit to one that was my very first visit when this all started. That is coming up, soon, here at Rick The Rum Runner - Sipping My Way Through.

Till then -- Lick the glass.