Friday, June 03, 2016

Summer's Coming. Some Rumner Time Recipes

Couple of things. I managed to hurt my back (it's a long story, not rum related - Let's leave it there) so I am not exploring Minnesota this weekend. That said, the world of Rum is just getting its Summer on. Let's look around.

Fair Game Beverages Releases their Amber Rum

"We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our family of libations, our Amber Rum!

Join us at the distillery on Saturday, June 11, from 2-6pm for a Fair Game Rum Release and 2nd Birthday Tiki Celebration!

  Our longest aged spirit yet, our Amber Rum is made from organic panela sugar, sourced from a family farm in Columbia, South America.  Panela sugar is a deeply sweet, floral and earthy form of raw unrefined cane sugar.  We slowly ferment our rum wash using a traditional Carribean rum yeast, adding wild-fermented dunder to the wash to add further interest and complexity on the palate.  We slowly distill our Amber Rum twice on our copper alembic Hoga still, paying close attention as the liquor runs to capture and highlight the unique flavor and aroma of our rum.  Batch #001 was aged for 15 - 17 months at 125 proof, and bottled at the perfect intersection of oakiness, maturity, playfulness, and complexity.

The end result?  A lively, funky aged rum that captures the sweet floral complexity of the raw Panela sugar, and is perfect for summer Tiki drinks, or simply sipping with ice."

Having tasted their rums - I have to say it was a different, very pleasant surprise. The Panela sugar is a great addition to the experience. The aging just has to make this a prize winning drink. My first experience (read here) was great. Gotta get a taste of the Amber!!

Pirates Punch - Ricks' Way

When the whole search for rums began, my wife and I were on a tour on St Kitts. We had been given a tour off the beaten track of most of the other tours, and got to see The locals' favorite beaches, their cane fields (actually drove through cane and got my first taste of new sugar). We also stopped at the place where they look out over the Carribean and party. It was a plateau above a beach (I'm talking 100 feet above). That was where I had my first CSR/Pirates Punch. Alas CSR is gone but their simple, tasty recipe for Punch lives on. I don't fool around and make this by the gallon.

RTRR Punch

Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Guava Juice
Mango Juice
Clear Rum
Aged Rum
Angostura Bitters.

I have used frozen and made the juices with just a bit less water that they recommend (Great if you use lots of ice). Also have used bottled juices, but try to get the most natural juices!
I don't use Coconut. they didn't so I don't
I use a large pitcher, that holds a bit more than a gallon. 
Here Is how I assemble:
16 oz rum (8 each)
About 6-8 shakes of Bitters
Fill with fruit juices
Do NOT add ice at this time -- let it sit in the fridge overnight, or longer. so its GOOD and cold. The less ice you have to add dilutes the punch less.

Add ice to a glass fill with the punch, and enjoy! I must stress to either be a controlled drinker here as this is one of those "Sneak up and get ya" drinks. Best to drink where you can stay to make sure you do NOT drive Buzzed, high, tipsy, whatever.

See you next time with Run News and Rum Fun!!
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