Monday, March 14, 2016

A Perfect Day to Visit Hawaii...

My Sister in Law recently visited Hawaii and was nice enough to bring back two samples of Koloa Rum and I finally got a chance to sit and have a sip... Today we will taste:
Kaua'I Coconut Rum.... Rum being sugar based lends itself to things Tropical. Coconut Rum is no stranger to me and just about anyone who has used rum as a mixer. There are a few coconut rums on the market, but being that this is from Hawaii I have high hopes for it.

Before I talk, lets see what Koloa says:
"A taste of Hawaii in a glass with hints of young coconut, toasted coconut cocoa flavors with a smooth, natural tasting finish."

Here are my impressions. After pouring a sample, the coconut to my
nose is the main aroma that hits you. While certainly strong - its not cloyingly sweet or overpowering, just a nice real smell of coconut. Any rum aroma is very light, very sweet and in the background. This is a boldly flavored Rum.
Taste; Yes Coconut. There are traces of the toastiness, of the Coconut, and a touch of cotton candy, in the background. I confess I do not know how "young" coconut tastes, but there is NOTHING in this spirit I don't like! Rather than hinting and teasing this flavored rum delivers! A VERY pleasant rum aftertaste, and the sweetness stays as well. I find in some others Coconut Rums, the after taste bitters slightly. Not so with Kaua'I Coconut Rum.
My opinion? -- A Top Shelf Mixer. When I added a touch of just water and even with just a chunk of ice, the flavor intensified. This means whether you are making something like a Pina Colata, or as simple as a Rum & Coke, this will bring the coconut flavor. The RC will roar with added flavor, and I think, make you the Pina King! Changing the standard R&C tp C & Kaua'I Coconut Rum will make you become a mixologist for your friends.

Next we sipped Kaua'I Spice Rum. Their page says:
"Produced from a proprietary spice blend, golden wheat in color with hints of spice cake on the nose. Extremely well balanced with a hint of caramel and vanilla, and a long smooth finish."

OK - I always write out my impressions before I read the Distillers' page. I found the spice up front -- again Koloa adds flavor. They are not timid, their boldness is so on spot though! I kept trying to put in words to describe the spices. I caught the vanilla, and while I did feel there was caramel, I could not place why it seemed different. After reading -- YES it does have a spice cake aroma (drool) and that is what the caramel nose is. Oh -- what a great sniff. I want incense like this! Oh my. My love affair with craft spice rums has just included another. this is yummy! The taste is so soothing. The spiciness is there and the aftertaste does linger and it is nice. It allows you to sip and appreciate it, slow, lingering... No rush. I like a good spiced rum and cola.. Oh yeah! 
When I watered and iced it, it intensified the aromas and brings out the "cakey" taste. Yes another Top Shelf Mixer. If you love spiced rums, not out of the sit and sip realm either. A 2 ounce shot of this over a hard cube, could make a sit in the shade on a sunny afternoon, a highlight of your day.

Overall -- my impression? If you can get it (available in 14 States and 4 additional countries -- just go to their website) try it. It may become your favorite. I plan to try their whole line (yes they have a white and a gold) and I will get back to you on that.

That's it for me. After a great tasting -- I usually just sit back enjoy a quiet time to sip some more and know, Rick the Rum Runner has done his job! Till next time. ....

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