Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Looking to Spring and Road Trips

Stuck in Winter means, sipping Rum neat and thinking of trips to find more rum. It also lets me catch up on things happening in the industry. Let's do a quick look and talk about what's coming.
I have been remiss in not mentioning an article that certainly featured craft rum and, for me, a local Distiller. CBS had an interview with Toby Beall at Tailwinds Distillery. Being the first distillery and distiller I met, TW and Toby catch my eye anytime I see news about them. Also got an email from Jaime Beall - letting me know that they released a dark, dark Rum. Were are talking Naval strength dark. So limited that I was not surprised to see this on their Facebook:
Batch #1 of ‪#‎Taildragger‬ After Dark ‪#‎rum‬ SOLD OUT in 3 Hours & 5 Minutes! Never fear Batch #2 is in the works as we speak! Thank you to everyone who came in to get a bottle today & stay tuned for the release date for Batch #2!
Even I did not react fast enough to get a taste.

Now, let's talk road trips. 
We will be in central Michigan in July. I am beginning to see if there places to find that could be fun to see, as well as places to revisit from the past, and see how they have fared.
Usually in August we are in the Traverse City area, I will, as usual, see what is happening there and revisit local distillers there who have been so interesting and great to taste in the past.

We are looking to visit other places as well. Day trips and overnighters. We will keep everyone informed.

Until next time -- I am:

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