Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Really Get 2016 Off To A Start...

 All right. I seem to be well on the way to recovery, that year end illness got a hold of me good! My smeller and taster are easily 90% so I am saying here that we (that blog talk for - Me) will be finally tasting Rum next week. I have been delaying tasting until I could smell as my sinuses were infected and basically everything tasted the same, and not a pleasant same I may add. Everything had a strange flat metallic taste. So rest, medication and time seems to have gotten through all that an we will be ready!

In the meantime let me talk a bit about Rum. Rum that is made in America (See [and LIKE] Facebook page) and made in small batches by people with a love and passion for distillation. As Spring approaches, I'll pass out information and more about whats going on ad what we may have planned in the upcoming Road Trip season. For today let me pass this on...

This big piece of news, from Richland Rum just came to me from Karin & Erik Vonk, Eric being the Distiller and Karin lending her expertise in running the business as well as being a charming hostess and great PR. 
I opened my email to dig out some information to include in this post and opened the newly arrive post from Richland Rum. Here are some interesting and exciting quotes: 

... I wanted to let you know that Richland Rum is quickly headed your way. We are now distributed in New York and New Jersey … also Pennsylvania and New Hampshire and hopefully soon in Illinois.
Things have been going well for Richland Rum. Our latest addition to the beautiful awards is the Good Food Awards just last week. This one is not so much about the excellent rum we are producing, but also about responsible food and sustainability and stewardship of the land.
We have been expanding our sugar cane growing area, as well as the distillery. There is now a tasting room and two barrelhouses, all on Broad Street, Richland.
We are in the process of renovating one more building, as a separate fermentation room, that will be climate controlled. As you know in the summertime, temps can really get brutal and expedites our slow fermentation process, which is undesirable...

It's plain to see they have taken this great rum and introduced it to enough people that is has started a rum-slide of appreciation and love of a great spirit. Now that it is distributed beyond their own state will just create more fans and develop and even greater market. I will keep my eyes pealed looking for it around me in Chicagoland.
Karin Von also provided a review recently (may 2015) in The Rum Gallery by Mr Dave Russell.

"If ever there was an American Rum that challenges Cognac for flavor, it is Richland Rum. It exhibits quality in spades, has all the pot still authenticity and fruit-of-the-Earth sincerity you could ask for, and tastes dignified yet not overlty refined. Thank you Richland for producing a uniquely true rum. We need more like this.

There are precious few rums produced in the same method as Richland rum. For example, Barbadosâ™ St. Nicholas Abbey distills their white rum from fermented syrup rendered down from local Bajan sugarcane, but their beautiful little still “Annabelle” employs both a pot and column. Guatemala-based Zacapa and Botran distill their rums from fermented sugarcane syrup, but the distillery employs large column stills, and the former adds substantial amounts of sugar to the rum. To my knowledge, Richland is the only commercially available rum that is made in a single-pass and pot-distilled from sugarcane syrup. In my opinion, it is Americaâ™s best aged rum, regardless of still type or the source of the fermented wash.
Reviewed: May 2015 at the Rum Gallery, USA."
As you can see Mr Russell and I are in agreement on this!

So, Keep a look out fr us next week when we taste --- FINALLY --- the rums of Manatawney Stillworks. Randy McKinley has provided us with bottles of rum, he has answered so many of my questions I have about how its all done. Make sure you stop by!

As a teaser, here is what Randy says about the rums he sent to my tasting bar: 
"We actually have both un-aged and aged rums available. Our Un-aged, T. Rutter Rum is a constant in our portfolio. Our aged, small batched rum is always an in-and-out kind of thing...."

I am SURE you will love the next exciting edition of:

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