Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Happy 2016 - Cough-Cough....

Why is it every year (OK maybe not EVERY year) right around this time, do I get sick?? Starting from New Year's Eve and right though Monday -- I basically just wanted to lay on the couch and moan (moaning often feels good). Well in the last few days (its Wednesday the 6th of January as I write this), things have gotten decidedly better. Still, my illness interferes. I cant taste too well yet and THAT affects my passion. I have two great looking and well spoken for samples of rum to taste. I have learned to wait until my sinuses are clear and my taste buds are much more alive. So to avoid past mistakes. I remember tasting Cedar Ridge while my head was full of, well, what head-colds fill your head with, and I mentioned it. I even said I could not really taste it all that well. I gave my opinion and while I shared good news, still sounded sure about it. Well I got comments saying I should have waited. You know, even though I did re-taste and wrote about that too, I should have waited -- so Manatawny Stillworks? Sorry guys -- I promise: Once I can detect taste better -- I will be tasting and commenting upon the samples you sent.... Thank you all for the patience.

Still, we can talk rum, cant we? While laying (and moaning) I tried to keep up with emails ans got an interesting lead from Toby Beall over at Tailwinds Distillery. He popped a story from onto FB, that caught my eye.  Entitled "Can Rum Survive Its Moment In The Sun?" and written by MPIETREK, there is a HUGE amount of information and some real, pertinent questions. Here is a teaser:

... There’s no shortage of coverage in the spirits press lately about how rum is in resurgence, how rum is the next big thing, and how brown spirits drinkers are turning to aged rums as the bourbon craze (Pappy Van Winkle, anyone?) plays itself out. ...“

However well that reads to you, just let me say - even with the little experience I have in "the industry", I found my eyebrows raised and my head nodding. A lot to read, a lot to know, but very-very valuable. Toby thought enough to post to his Facebook page, so he (because we've talked) often asks questions like the ones presented and has his opinion on the answers. To read the whole article --> LINK.

Well, the typing has exhausted me.... Time to take a nap and heal some more... (perhaps a Rum Hot Toddy?? Next time; we will be tasting RUM!!! 

So, Till then I AM.......

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