Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Final 2015 Blog.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

 We've pretty much gotten to the end of 2016. What a year it has been in the Rum Industry! I have seen huge growth in the craft Rum business, a whole new round of Distillers improving, introducing new and just getting found by The Rum Runner.

This will be the last post until the New Year. Unless I find something fun, frightening or just plain
newsworthy before then. Take the time off to explore the past postings, or go back and start all over with our very first blog post.

I can tell you our search in Pennsylvania has yielded fruit, er rum. The Peeps at Manatawny Stillworks have provided samples, and I will get back to you with our first taste of 2016...
So to all - Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year....
As always -- I AM:

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Let's Explore Another State For -- RUM!

Been in the Holiday swirl here -- but today lets explore the great state of Pennsylvania, for rum.... Rum m-m-m-m-m...

It does not take long to discover that Pennsylvania looks like a Distilling State! So much so that I immediately stumbled upon a website: Visit Philly, and their page directing us to their distilleries. This is just the greater Philadelphia area too! In fact -- I found three, so we will just do these before moving one through the rest of the state, next time....

Let's look at the first we uncover;

Always fascinated by the story behind the rum, the people at La Colombe came from a background of coffee!?! Here is a bit of explanation from them:
"After two decades of killing it in the coffee game, La Colombe founders Todd and JP wanted to celebrate with something special. On their sourcing trips around the world, they noticed that wherever there was coffee production happening, there was usually a little moonshining action going on as well. Taking distilling tips from resourceful coffee farmers back to Philly, they set up a micro-distillery in their flagship café in Fishtown and started producing Different Drum, a coffee-infused craft sipping rum."

Sounds intriguing to me... Looks like they have combined the taste of coffee with rum, and decided to make their own rum to complete the mix. We have been able to taste a number of coffee/rum blends and would be more than happy to same some Different Drum. I hope to be in contact and hope to bring you more, soon!

The next in line is Hewn Spirits. They have a line of Distilled spirits, the first is what interests us the most. Rum, Shipmate Gold Rum to be exact. Since I don't have a sample (yet) to taste, here is what the folks at Hewn Spirits have to say about it;
Shipmate Rum is for real people, plain and simple. Rum has always been about folks
who love the water, even when they’re on land. Shipmate Rum is perfect straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in your favorite concoction. Artisan-crafted in small batches in a handmade copper pot still, our full line of Shipmate Rums uses only the finest Grade A sugarcane molasses and hand-picked spices. Permission to come aboard… Granted.

I will keep track of them. We will be contacting them, as we do all our intros and we can see if we can taste and comment.... 
From their description, looks like a dash of spice can sent them apart from a lot of rums, especially when it is the only on on the menu.... 

Finally we explore Manatawny Still Works. Another multi-spirit distiller, they offer one Rum. The rum is white, they seem to specifically recommend it for mixing. Still, sounds like another that demands to be tasted here at Rick The Rum Runner. Here are their comments:

T. Rutter Rum

Pioneers like ironmaster Thomas Rutter forged possibilities in the land where Manatawny Still Works now distills our rum. Rutter was one of the first and his Manatawny Forge is recalled in this double-distilled spirit.
Straight or in a cocktail, T. Rutter Rum is a homage to the forgotten founders.

History has handed down to us a lot of special places in and around Philadelphia---places brimming with natural beauty.
In the Northwestern suburbs sits Montgomery County, home to communities as important to the history of this country as any others—the Revolution, the Civil War, industrialization—significant change and progress happened in this part of the country. And it's happening again.

The place sounds interesting and I'd love to know more. As usual, we will be in contact and see what we can find!

In closing, as we find out so many times, the spirits mentioned here may be available to you. Most are sold in or at the Distillery itself, most can be ordered online, of course check to see if they can sell/ship to your state. As usual -- You MUST be 21 to buy or drink....

Till next time -- I am: