Thursday, November 05, 2015

No -- Really -- It's RUM!!

I have to confess.... This is about popcorn:


It's about Rum Popcorn.
Now, you know I am constantly on the search, but when this trip transpired, I wanted to take a break from searching for rum. I knew the area, and knew the distillers in this area, and decided to let our weekend be guided by the other couple taking time to share their weekend with us. Short story - I did not go rum searching.
Still, if one fell into my lap (glass), I couldn't pass by an opportunity.

Galena IL...
This is a great area for a wonderful, relaxing weekend. The views are majestic, great shopping Great (perhaps TOO great food) and activities from Historic places, architectural spots, Sports activities, Art, Pottery... You name it. We've been
there many times and always finding something to do and or see (Hint: The Mound, Bread -- Google it) that we haven't done or seen inf not EVER than for some time. 
All That brings us to... The great American Popcorn Company. First of all. If you like Popcorn, you have to go there. Second if you like glazed popcorn -- Well, you get what I'm gonna tell you. The big thing is: If you like RUM -- Yeah -- You have to go there!! Oh go there too if you like Chocolate, Coffee Jelly Belly jellybeans.... Just get in there!
Yes as I was perusing the selections, I found Buttered Rum Popcorn. Now I know what you're thinking; "Yeah all sweet -- buttery flavor and some indistinguishable flavor that MIGHT be rum." Wrong -- It was Jamaican style rum! Really! 
I was pressed for time and did not get a chance to really "get into" the rum popcorn story (I will be following up), but was told that they had 2 more popcorns in the works with real rum in the recipe.
See that's the thing the popcorn has Real Rum in it, no "flavorings" no "extracts"... No -- its RUM.

If you have not checked out American Made Rum -- Our Facebook page, please do so now. And please LIKE us! There are lots of activities around the country (perhaps near you) happening, AMR Is the place to check out what's happening at a distiller near you, or where you are travelling to -- or, better yet, to inspire a Road Trip!!

That's it !! 

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