Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rick explores Minnesota for Rum and Fun!

This post we continue in our search for rums in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. For me, nearly 3 years ago when I decided to begin to write about craft rums, and not just any craft rum, just those made in the United States, Little did I know I would have such a directory. The Rick the Rum Runner directory is available to everyone who visits here and is looking for a great rum, and a rum made near them! Pick your state, or one that you'll be visiting perhaps on vacation, even a business trip and select the distiller(s) that catches your eye. Our directory will take you to their website (and make Facebook and/or Twitter if available) allowing you to find out more. If I may suggest - take a tour, taste the rum in their house and know if its one that you'd like to add to your barback. You can even see what we've had to say about it by putting the rum name or the distiller name into the Search This Blog spot on the right of the page. Bam! Every mention of that rum will appear for you to read, contact and even report to me to tell us what you thought of the rum.
Three years we have been reporting here and i have to say, it is still tons of fun. So much so - we need to get back to our search and look at:
I decided to work this search using a site called City Pages Use this link to connect you to it if you want to read more. Lets see what they list as - Open, About to open or planned Distilleries in Minnesota:
Norseman Distillery
"Norseman Distillery, the first micro-distillery in Minneapolis, was founded with principles of using the very best local ingredients to produce small batches of exceptionally fine spirits. From our micro-distillery in northeast Minneapolis, we hand craft each batch with the hopes of inspiring legendary cheer in those who drink it."
We here may make a run just to visit these distillers. The more we find the better we like it!
They have tours (go to their website (click on their name to go there) and put it in your plans!
"Visit our distillery and see in action the attention that NORSEMAN Distillery gives to each spirit run to create a hand crafted, award winning, premium Spirit.
Our tours happen on Friday, and Saturday for the general public. Plan to spend a minimum of 60 minutes at our facility. Each tour includes samples of all of our premium spirits (21+)"

The Next stop?
Far North Spirits
Ålander is distilled in small batches from Demerara and Turbinado sugar. All rum spices are purchased whole (no extracts or flavor-house oils) and infused by hand: whole bean vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and cloves.A hint of espresso lends a surprising depth of flavor.

So a Spiced rum is there for us to enjoy. For me its sounds very interesting and, I want to meet them and hear their story! Here's a bit -- but go to their site for the whole story.

In 1917, Great Grandpa Gustaf arrived in Skane Township to begin farming some of the richest land on earth.
Almost 100 years later, we built Far North Spirits, the northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, here on the Swanson family farm just 25 miles from Canada in the northwest corner of Minnesota. ...

Boiler Room Rum
Sugar is produced from refined sugar cane juice, and molasses comes from the extract of this concentrated sugar. If the molasses is boiled a third time, it is known as Blackstrap. It's more bitter than the second boil, but it is also more flavorful.
Most rums are made from molasses, but vary in strength. Our Boiler Room Rum uses dark blackstrap molasses to find the richest end of the spectrum.
We hope you enjoy the complexity and nuance of this back room spirit.

Their name and their history is pretty neat as well:
Located in the historic Hamm's Brewery on Minnehaha Avenue in St. Paul, 11 Wells is proud to be part of the revitalization of the Payne Avenue Corridor along with our other great neighbors Ward 6 restaurant, Ace Hardware, Flat Earth Brewery, and Urban Organics. And, yes, there are 11 wells on site, the 11th of which will be the water source of our spirits. You may have heard of us before under the name Mill City Distillery, but we have renamed our distillery 11 Wells to be true to our St. Paul roots.

See what I mean -- I love these introduction and have every intention of going there to meet the whole team.

At the time of this publication - they were not producing. You (and we) can use the link to
check on them and find out what is happening

So there we are -- as we here are finishing up our third year seeking great American Made Rum, this exploration to Minnesota is just the beginning. Keep reading and keep Sipping!

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