Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A New Distiller - For You!

One great source of new distillers that allows you to find out more about a distiller quickly, without hunting them down is social media. Our Twitter account is often followed by Distillers and Brewers world wide. I appreciate the interest but I try to check out Distillers in particular, as there is always a chance for.... RUM. Today, let's look at one such find.

Smokey Quartz So, let's pay them a digital visit.
"They are located on the Est Coast (New Hampshire to be exact) and have evolved like many of the Distillers I have stumbled upon. Here, let them tell you about themselves:
Smoky Quartz Distillery, located on the Southern NH Seacoast, is an artisan ‘grain to glass’ craft distillery that uses locally sourced New England grain to distill truly exceptional spirits. The distillery is named after the official New Hampshire Gem Stone which is the “Smoky Quartz” crystal. Our first spirit, Solid Granite Vodka, is handcrafted in small batches and artfully distilled from corn grown within a 125 miles of the distillery. The name “Solid Granite” derives from its status as a new vodka created from fresh local grains, fermented ourselves, distilled ourselves and bottled ourselves using pure New Hampshire spring water. This is vodka with character! Try it neat, on the rocks or mixed, each style helps you discover it myriad complexities. We are dedicated craftsmen with a drive, passion and conviction to create naturally superior tasting spirits."

So, they followed me (@Rick_Rum_Runner) and I read that they seemed to have only their Vodka. Cool... But as I read their Tweets, I see they have released a Spiced Rum!! Here is the text of a September Tweet:

Visit us in Seabrook, NH and get your limited edition Smoky Quartz Distillery aged rum! This rum was aged in the...

So, while they have at least one rum there currently is NOTHING on their website....
We will pursue with a follow up email and hope to bring you more...

In other news, Fair Game Distillery manages to snag GOLD in this years Asheville Wine and Food Fetival. In the ELIXIR category, they got Bronze with their Peach Tipper. The Suppernong gathered in a Silver. The big one though was their Ferris. This had won Silver earlier this year but won the Gold at this event.
So this is about wine not rum but it shows their dedication, skill and passion in Wine making distillation and brewing. Their Nolasses (Rum using Sorghum) is excellent and they continue to expand into Rum and bring us high quality Spirits.
Congrats! Our Visit Link.

See you next time -- right here - Hope to have some info from Smokey Quartz

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