Monday, August 31, 2015

Rum Reader.. What do we have here?

 I have moved into the third rum book, or spirits book if you may called: Closing Time by Daniel Francis. I say Spirits book because, this one is generally about Prohibition and booze running etc. In general though it (I hope) will give me a feel for how the alcohol industry weathered and recovered from that period, and perhaps some background into where we are now. As  get through it I will, again -- hoping -- try to pass on some nuggets of information to you.

Closing Time

Prohibition, Rum-runners and Border Wars

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Canadians have long associated prohibition with the colourful history of the Jazz Age in the United States. But even before the American ban that was in place from 1920 to 1933, Canada had initiated its own prohibition of alcohol. Closing Time tells the fascinating story of the attempt by both provincial and federal governments to control the drinking habits of Canadians. It began as a popular crusade to cleanse society of a widespread evil -- alcohol abuse -- but instead became an opportunity for larceny, public corruption and violence on a grand scale. This was the age of liquor smugglers and rum-runners: gangsters like Hamilton's Rocco Perri, bootleggers like Alberta's Emilio Picariello and border runners like the young Bronfman brothers.
The story of prohibition is illustrated in full colour with hundreds of photographs, paintings and artifacts that make Closing Time a visual feast as well as a rivetting adventure story.


Arrr! Avast ye matey! There be somethin' off the port side bow...its...its Fair Game's 1st Annual Pirate Bash! On September 19th, in celebration of National Talk Like A Pirate Day and great reasons to drink, we'll be unfurling the sails and setting off to the land of treasure hunts, delicious food trucks, and barrels upon barrels of grog (just to clarify, "grog" means the good stuff!) We'll be throwing down from 5-10pm, with live music featuring the rowdy Tan & Sober Gentlemen and The Affectionates. They'll have you dancing all night till we're talking like pirates and scallywags for the rest of the year! $10 advance/$12 day of.

You can get your tickets here!

That looks fun and dangerous... Great group of people out there, will be a PARTY.

Got a Tweet follow from Panama Pacific Rum. Their location reads "San Franscisco, CA" so we will check and report on that.

In other news, I have decided to follow up on what became one of the most popular things I've done here and that is -- Explore a state. Last time it was Oregon, and we found lots of new distillers, new rums and even some great tasting. So I will look at our "Place You Should Visit" column which helps guide you to distillers in the USA by state. I think I will concentrate on states with no listings, just to see if we cant get a representative distiller in each of the fifty states and Puerto Rico.... I like a challenge so this could be fun. Not sure where I'll start, but keep checking us out for more info and stuff to read...

I'll get back to you all!

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