Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back from Rounding the Lake

We have spent the last week or so RTRR has been traveling. We managed to go from Chicago - to West-Central Wisconsin (Mauston) to UP Michigan, down to Traverse City Via the Mackinaw Bridge. Over all - FUN. We did get caught in a 2.5 hour line to cross the bridge.... Also as we drove into Traverse city - we needed to pull over an sit out the worst storm in over 30 years! 

I only visited two Distilleries.

We visited Grand Traverse Distillery's new tasting room in Downtown Traverse. It is nice. A great place to have a cocktail amidst the shopping a sight seeing that TC offers. I was able to taste their Rum; finally in the bottle and open for tasting!
Here is what they say:
Silver Reserve Rum
"Our first foray into Rum! Distilled from fancy dark Caribbean sugar cane molasses this rum is nicely sweet with notes of vanilla and butter scotch. Perfect on the rocks or in your favorite silver rum cocktail this one is sure to please."
After tasting it -- I agree. The vanilla stands out -- the butterscotch catches your tongue. This is one of those silver, or clear Rums that stands up well to "neat" tasting and mixing.

We also stopped at Northern Latitudes Distillery. We stocked up (love their Limoncello) and tasted, talked Rum and "The Storm" as well. The Leelanau Peninsula was pretty hard hit and was actually out of business for a day or so. Everything we say was back or nicely recovering when we went by. For those of you that have never tasted their Rum:

Manitou Passage Rum

Distilled from black strap molasses, this rum's robust flavor harkens back to tall ships and sunny days. Unlike its namesake, this rum is a gentle breeze and a calm sea.

My comments to add is I find a pleasant and unexpected peppery taste. Robust flavor for sure and a great mixer.
While on vacation, I have finished the book Rum - The Drink That Conquered The World  [Charles A. Coulombe]. I was very impressed learned a lot and will report in the next posting here -- so stay tuned!
Until then -- remember I travel, I drink and I write about it!! 

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