Friday, May 22, 2015

Road Trip!!! Iowa Calls.

Okay.... We are getting close so let me run down what is happening.
First -- we will be on the road over the Memorial Day weekend. We will be in Iowa and hope to visit Cedar Ridge Distilled Spirits while we are there. Now, we are not sure, but we hope to visit others. We are still researching (yes we have found some - but trying to fit them into our schedule is the trick!) some and hope to include them. Our Grandson is
participating in a baseball Tournament in Dyersville (read Field of Dreams) and we don't want to miss much! But dedication to tasting fine, American Made Rum means we WILL TRY!!

Lastly -- and in NO WAY - least:

We will publish the final stop - err, non-stop in our tour of North and South Carolina. We wanted to re-visit Muddy River Distillery, taste their new offerings and see the great new Distillery. Well, we can do one of them as Caroline and Robbie Delaney sent us not only their latest sample of Carolina Rum but also, their fine, aged Queen Charlotte's Reserve!
They were out of town (selling Rum!!) and the Distillery was down while we were in town. So that blog post will hit the site early Monday May 25. I will pop the corks and taste them both writing as I go...

Until we get back ---- Later

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