Monday, May 18, 2015

From the Road: Striped Pig

Finally back and just champing on the bit to report. We visited two Distilleries this trip and while we missed a visit to a third -- they sent me a great gift that I'll taste and report on as well over the next few posts. Buckle up -- get ready, pour a nice sipping rum and read. ...

Not far from Charleston is the the suburb of North Charleston. The Striped Pig calls a nice little building tucked away in an industrial park, filling up with various businesses and destinations, home. We easily maneuvered through and found it.
Soon met by Jim Craig we got a personalized tour. We met several people who were touring as well, and ended up in the tasting room to enjoy their spirits. The unfortunate thing (that so often happens as we travel, we call it the "Adventure Spirit") was ---- They were out of rum!! None - zero -- zipitty do-dah...! Jim did find a Stainless Steel vat of 130 proof, resting while they waited to begin the conversion to Spiced rum.
Now back in October of 2013 we tasted Striped Pig's clear Rum. They sent a sample and we "got into" it soon after. The whole article is here. In it, my tasting went this way:

Tasting Striped Rum:
The aroma is sugar, almost cotton candy with a gentle, pleasurable molasses after. Being a white rum, I was on the lookout for that first sip "buzz" on the tongue. Very little, very smooth. The flavors, mirroring the essence is molasses, good dark stuff. The flavor is subtle sweet. This is not just for mixing. A white Rum robust and flavorful enough to sip on it's own. A splash of ice cold water ignites the bouquet even more. Sweeter, the complexity released even more. I have to say this is a pig of a different stripe!!! My rating will be on as are all my rum tastings. Because Striped Rum is new -- please give Andy time to install it on my shelf!!!
I have to say - Striped Pig was a white Rum of beyond the ordinary aroma and flavor. A great mix but never pass up its sip-a-bility!

Since then they have developed a Spiced Rum that is made with the clear as its base. For now -- we have to take their word (which is good) that is is not just good, but "very special" indeed. I did get a promise from them that they'd send us a sample once they had converted that 130 pr batch into Spice.... I can't wait!! As you can read - while the clear was good and not beyond a sipping rum, it needed to move beyond because of its rich potential. I am excited to taste their Spiced Rum and will report it here when it happens.....
I want to thank Jim for his informative and knowledgeable tour.... Spirits abound there and they are the very drinkable type! --- In the taste room, Johnny kept our samples full and was a great host - quick with humor and a contagious love of sipping.


We will be following up with Fair Game Beverage and a taste from Muddy River Distillery's Queen Charlotte's Reserve aged Rum.... Also watch for a post about our Iowa trip coming up this coming weekend! We plan to visit Cedar Ridge Vineyards (and Distillery!) and are searching more places as I type!

Till next time:

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