Thursday, April 16, 2015

#RTRR Hits the Road, 2015 Travel!

It's been a bit quiet here because we've been making plans for Summer Travel with Rick The Rum Runner hitting Distilleries, wherever we can! Now, mentioned here will be our intended locations and hopefully we will not only get to those, but also we find one or two more. So let's set the scene and the calendar. 

We will be in North and South Carolina beginning May 7th, through the 12th. I will be there as one of my son's graduating that week and we wanted to be there. That said, it gives us a chance to re-visit and visit a great place to be a tourist and Rum Lover.

Our first proposed stop will be Muddy River Distillery.  this is not our first meeting with
Robby and Caroline, two fun and dedicated Distillers that make some great Rum as you read here. I am curious to see the changes they made and see if we can taste some of their latest creations. They've grown and gotten busier - hope we can hook up on May 7.

We are trying to get to visit Striped Pig Distillery on May 8 perhaps 10 or not till the 12th... I will be trying to set up this, ah, fluid schedule with them ASAP... This will be our first visit and I have had them on my map since we mentioned them here. I bet we will get there one of those days!

Our planned last stop will be Fair Game Beverage. Kind of new to use we mentioned them here. They have and intersting story and business and we are wanting to learn more! We hope to make contact Tuesday May 12.

Announcement for those who read the blog via DrinkWire,
So there are our plans. I will update as we get closer but want to say how things will go while we are on the road. I most likely post to the blog and/or American Made Rum, while we are gone. However, I most likely not send any/many of them to I tend to send the more Rum centric posts there and I would imagine that most of my blurbs from the road will be short - picture loaded and low on Rum Content. So if you read my blog via DrinkWire, you might want to go to our blog and follow us there....

That's it for today -- Weather is getting nicer -- so let's pour one and savor the Rum!

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