Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Road Trip!!

All righty then. Things are set -- we have a workable itinerary. A bit of disappointment as well but, a fun time is planned! Let's do a quick and final update to the East coast trip, and a preview of a short trip to Iowa (still upcoming -- end of May)...

So, we will be in the Carolinas and we plan to go through Kentucky and bits of Tennessee as well. We will be stopping to see Striped Pig as planned, also Fair Game. The disappointment is we will not get a chance to visit with Muddy River Distillery. Robbie and Caroline will be out promoting their fine rum and the stills will be silent. I was looking forward to this - but we will hook up again soon I hope. I did get a promise to get a bottle of the Queen Caroline Reserve and I AM looking forward to that and will be reporting on that taste once we get it!

So be ready all you on the coast-lands. Who knows what else I may find while there. Already we find a Copper Horse Distillery that we may just drop into while traveling -- we'll keep you updated.

In Late may - we have a baseball tournament to see at the famed "Field of Dreams" in Dyersville, IA. While there we plan to explore any distilleries in the area, and will make a concerted effort to visit Cedar Ridge Distillery, but depending on schedule and time -- we are not sure what day we will get there - but we will try to keep all informed... More on this as the dates come closer.

Just a short one today -- hoping to be helping you find a distiller near you or on YOUR vacations - stop by one -- and please tell them you heard about them -- Here:

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