Friday, March 27, 2015

Let's Talk - Rumson Rum!!

One of the absolutely GREAT things about writing about some of the world's best Rums, made right here in the USA is that I get to sample. That is part of my job. Sample rum, write about rum... Sample rum, write about rum.
Still part of the job is to introduce you (Faithful Reader) to a Rum you may not know about - and that yo may very well want to place on your Rum shelf. So; Let's introduce Rumson Rum.

First mentioned here we took only a cursory look, as we often do, to a "new name" rum -- I put it in quotes because it may only be a new name to me. So from that little, bit back in January 2014, we have moved forward.

As fate may have it -- Rumson hit the market and hit the Massachusetts Market December 5th, 2014 - purely by happenstance the anniversary to the end of prohibition. Eric Glass (perfect name for a Distiller BTW), has been keeping me in the loop with making sure we knew about Rumson Rum. So Let's talk....

Their Website tells the story, and to rip off a bit of text we find:

Rumson’s: Smooth, Sweet, Memorable.®
At Rumson’s it's simple – We create exceptional spirits. We hand select and marry the finest barrel aged Caribbean rums. These rums are chosen for their distinctive and savory flavor profiles. The spirits are then blended and finished in our New England rum house. This process allows us to blend extraordinary flavors, while hand finishing our rum. The result is memorable spirits and memorable stories. Share them both.

So here we have a Rum that is the son of many rums... It DOES sound interesting. Now, truthfully, not all of the rum is made in the USA -- but -- Rumson's Rum is. It is created through making spirits and blending aged Caribbean spirits, so it is a high-bred for sure. Still the finished product that sits on the bar -- is Made in the USA. I like that idea.

So here we have a new Rum within our ranks.... You can buy it in Massachusetts and online (Just go to their website and click on Where To Buy)...

You can visit (and LIKE) their Facebook page as well.... You'll be hearing about what come next there and here

NOW !!

Rumson's was so very nice to ship us all FOUR of their Rums... We will be tasting and writing about that Right Here at RTRR (Rick The Rum Runner) next week. Please make sure you visit here and join us on a leisurely and in depth taste of each rum variety offered... It will be a good time.

So till next week when you will join me (I'm the guy with a glass in my hand) here at RTRR and we will savor Rumson's Rum.............. Yum

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