Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rum - Distilling & Summer Travel

Looks like we may be able to do some traveling this Spring/Summer. Good for us - good for you (we hope) and good for American Made Rum...

In early May -- we will be visiting North Carolina and South Carolina. We had a GREAT time there a couple of Summers back and plan to see what's new.

When we visited in 2013, we discovered Muddy River Distillery and had a wonderful time meeting. It was a real conversation with a wonderful couple who had a great passion - and it was RUM. The Distillery has undergone a great amount of expansion and I had promised both that I'd visit again after they opened the newly acquired (back then) space. For you, the reader, it's worth the click to relive that meeting. I am sending email to MRD to alert them and we hope to have a fun, informative reunion.
Robby and Caroline. That first visit is highlighted here. Our more personal article here.

We will be having a bit of a shortened visit, so we can't visit Broadslab Distillery.... They were "discovered" twice in 2014, and we have not been able to figure out a "hook-up". First Mention - The Second. If we finagle a way -- I'll get back to you all.... Don't think so, but still planning at our end.

The next spot that comes up on our list is ---- Striped Pig Distillery!!! I have been fascinated by this place -- their humor, passion and dedication to making a great Rum has been evident. My little sample bottle is empty and I need a big boy refill. We talked about Stripe Pig first in July 2013, and October of that same year. I have trying to work in a trip there since and 2015 looks like a winner! We will be contacting them and try to make a one-on-one meeting in May! We talked about them in this article, and tasted their Rum in October, 2013.

We are looking at a whirlwind visit to Iowa -- in late May and early June (think Memorial Day weekend).... Looking at maps and planning -- we will get back to you soon!

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