Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rum Updates for January 2015

If you have not noticed -- please look at the directory on the leftmost column next to this blog. Those of you reading in our syndicated blog posts (Liquor.com, DrinkWire etc), use that link on the word "blog" above to go to the home page and access the list. We have updated that list of Distillers and it should be 100% current. There are (or were) 95 distillers across the US that made a rum. There are hundreds of more distillers. Many that don't make rum, or we have not discovered yet. So that number, hopefully will grow. 

Next on the agenda will be to send updates to RumRatings.com and make sure I can post my taste scores there and you can go there - read mine and others tastes. While there - join and let us know what you think of your favorite Rum(s).

We are making travel plans and hope to include some North Carolina, South Carolina, perhaps other places along that route. That would be in May. Nothing has been nailed down yet.

In late May, early June we will be in the Iowa, northwest Illinois area... We are looking for Distillers along that route -- we may or may not include parts of Wisconsin in that tour.

August will most likely see us in Michigan once more. Always willing to visit some of the places we know - but on the lookout for new distillers as well.

So there ya have it -- preliminary travel plans.

I want to point out that the taste of the Devil's Own line of Rums from Stillwagon Distillery took off like a rocket and in 24 hours topped the list showing the most popular posts in the last 30 days...
Wow! If you have not red that post DO NOT let the opportunity get by!

Just keeping in touch - So for now - I go back behind the bar...

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