Monday, January 19, 2015

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OK -- Seems like I have gotten the winter cold under control... So lets look at things we find in the Rum News...
I try to read most everything that has key words in it that crosses over my monitors screen. The words are "Rum, Distiller, Alcohol, Spirits" things along that line. So here are a few things I found.

If you don't get Drink Spirits, I recommend it -- An article from them popped up and I found it very interesting and based upon short discussions with Distillers over the last year or so - seems timely...
[DISCUS, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.]

Drink Spirits: Limp DISCUS – How Alcohol Lacks A Watchdog

Link to Drink SpiritsDISCUS is no Watchdog
How alcohol is handled in the United States is nothing short of chaotic, piecemeal, and absurd. Although the prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol was repealed in 1933 by the Federal Government, the dismantling of Prohibition was handled by each individual state. This lead to a nation with a patchwork of rules, laws, and regulations, including one of the most absurd facts that one of the nation’s largest spirits, Jack Daniels, is made in a “dry” county that still observes some of the laws of prohibition.
To manage this hodgepodge, the Federal Government created the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). The core function of this body is to ensure that the Federal Government receives a national excise tax for the sale and distribution of all alcohol in the US. In order to properly tax this alcohol, the TTB had to create a set of rules and regulations aimed at classifying, typing, and controlling the manufacturing and sale of spirits. These rules weren’t really about consumer protection or cutting through the chaos of a dysfunctional system, they were established to prevent alcohol producers and distributors from playing a cup-and-ball magic trick with their products to avoid paying taxes.
Here’s the formal mission of the TTB (note that it starts with its core, tax):
Collect the taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms and ammunition;
protect the consumer by ensuring the integrity of alcohol products;
and prevent unfair and unlawful market activity for alcohol and tobacco products.
When a new distillery is founded, the TTB will inspect the facility to ensure that it’s compliant with the rules and eliminate any sort of trickery to avoid tax. Inspectors have been known to try to search for hidden doors and walls, and accuse distillers of attempting every form trickery with how they handle their spirits. The TTB isn’t interested in the safety of the people working in the distillery – that is handled by local fire and government – it’s all about making sure they get paid.    To continue chick here.

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It appears winter and the start of a new year is time for Distillers to stock up!
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Thank goodness for friends and family! Small businesses like us couldn't make it without you!

 Thank goodness for friends and family! Small businesses like us couldn't make it without you!

Black Dog has gone to the warehouse on it's first shipment. Look for it in stores near you or order at your local liquor store with the product code #12310.

The Toasted Coconut rum is at the Speakeasy Rum Bar on the south end of Duval in Key West! We can't wait to see what drinks Bahama Bob comes up with!
Stop by and try the new Siesta Key Toasted Coconut Rum, it's great.
That is some happy yeast!
Finally, this from Stillwagon Distilling:
That is some happy yeast!

Mentioning that leads me to the plans for this week -- We will be tasting the Rums of Stillwater Distilling, thanks in no small part to Richard Stillwagon who sent samples of their 6 (six -- count them -- SIX!!) rums for yours truly to slurp and comment upon -- so keep track of us. Better yet subscribe via email and get every post sent to you! -- the link is on the mail page - click - enter your email and stay on top! So that said -- See you next time!

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