Friday, January 02, 2015

A Look Behind - A Look Ahead

Happy New Year! Seems we have made it another time around the sun. I wanted to post a greeting to you all - maybe some news, some statistics -- stuff like that... Let's get started!


Rick The Rum Runner - The Blog - continues to grow. I'd like to show you how much and how interesting the reading public is. The all time, Top Ten blog-posts, in order of popularity, are:

We Taste - Mid-Best's Rums... This tasting goes back to March of this last year year and of all the 289 posts we've made -- it comes in at #10

The #9 honors surprised me -- but apparently you all like Hump Day so much - you've kept this post alive since October of 2013! Wednesday ---- Rum-Hump Day? Rum

October 2013 was a fun time here at RTRR, as we celebrated one year with a first time in-house rum tasting. We enjoyed it very much. But that time was also marked by a local (to us) Distiller showing up at a watering hole that I like -- the take-over was inevitable - At #8 It's a Tailwinds Take-Over!

#7 is one of those "catch up" kind of posts where I needed to kind of update everyone on things... It became a favorite to many! Heading into July -- So Much Rum From June 2014, talking change and news...

We creep up the ratings to the #6 spot. This one is from Mid-November 2014 - and quickly flew up the all-time list. We celebrated a milestone and talked about a whole new group of Distillers! It was, of course: New Distillers! & We Pass 275 Posts!

From February of 2013 we find #5. This is one that jumped to the top 10 and has stayed there within weeks of its posting. A great site to read about, rate and discuss rum... Rumratings.Com Launches Site

At the #4 slot we encounter on of our Road Trip visits to rum distillers. All of them were great fun, very informative and great to just talk, taste and celebrate Rum - From May of 2013 -- Muddy River Distillery This distillery has grown and expanded -- still looks like a GREAT place to visit -- I have it on my re-visit list. 

Now we enter the tippy top section.. #3 is entrenched and deserving of its placement; Let's Taste Striped Pig's Striped Rum! Another October 2013 denizen, Striped Pig's post seems to be a Rum Enthusiasts magnet of sorts. Congrats to them! 

#2 -- This has been in this spot almost since we started - in fact it was #1 for a short time,
but since November of 2012 we have --- Distiller Visit – Tailwinds Distilling Co.

Finally, we have made it to ...

 That spot, since it slipped into it, has been immovable! It also builds its lead with a great amount of visits EVERY WEEK! from January 30, 2013, nearly two YEARS! we have - Jersey Artisan Distilling – Licensed to  


A bit of news from Lyons Distilling --

The distillery will be closed from 1/3/15-1/29/15

Before we launch into another exciting year, we are taking a short break to put booze into barrels, experiment with some new ideas, and recharge our creative spirits! We will re-open to the public at the end of January for tastings, tours & sales, but in the meantime, you can get your rum fix at select MD & DC stores (list below) or purchase online via

From February-April we will be open Friday-Saturday 1-5pm, and other days/times by appointment. We have new equipment and new ingredients arriving this month, and are excited to continue expanding our booze factory and spirits selection.

As always, for the latest & greatest distillery news, updates & announcements, stay tuned to our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram & Twitter. #DRINKMORERUM

Cheers to 2015!

Ben & Jaime

Sounds interesting -- Ben & Jaime will keep us up to date on the changes and additions -- We will, of course pass that on to you!
It's that time of year where I fight the battle of the Winter Sinuses,  happens every year! I hope 2015 finds you in good health and with a healthy thirst for discovering New Rums!! Talk again soon!

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