Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sometimes - Real Life Rules

Sorry it has been so quiet here but some issues in real life have taken over (getting better - but time consuming) so I am going to make it official...

Rick The Rum Runner Blog is going on Hiatus for a few weeks. We will be back, hopefully better than ever. It's just that we can't give the time YOU deserve as a reader to the Craft Rum Industry, right now. Rather than publish puff and filler, let me invite you to explore the side column on the right. Check out the box: Popular Posts in the Last 30 Days and find out why they are so popular. 
Even more fun? -- Check out:  Blog Archive - Old Rum Runs in that same column. Delve back to 2012 and all of last year for information, reviews, off the wall comments and fun we've had. It will all come back in June.. Until then I will always be:

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Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Rum Updates - 5/2/14

Going through Email and things, I think we have some interesting stuff going on...

I find that the Huffington Post has great articles about rum -- If you are interested here are a few to select from:
Sipping Rum
Dark Rum
Rum Drinks

There's more poking around to enjoy.
Speaking of "other" Rum rich information -- Don't forget to download "Got Rum?" another good source of Rum News of all sorts..

At American Made Rum we find:
April 30 at 9:57am ·
Setting the new copper still in place, first batch will be a Carolina Apple brandy

 (Really, it's a wonder they get anything Distilled...RTRR)

We have this bit of news -- making this Illinoisian very happy!
April 29 at 10:00pm ·
Barrel House Products are now available in KY (RNDC), IN (Glazer's), IL(Maverick Wine & Spirits), AR (GLidewell), MD (RNDC), DC (RNDC), IA (State ABC), TN (Greater Nashville-Boondocks) and coming soon to GA. Ask for them at your retailer or favorite bar!

Things are happening -- Stay Tuned!