Friday, February 28, 2014

East Coast Discovery -- New Rum!!

Lyon Distilling Company

As the words of Rick The Rum Runner reach more and more people -- we now are in the enviable position to have new rum distillers find us. Can't tell you how good that feels! Often that contact is made through our Facebook Page, American Made Rum. So, we hook up with Lyon Distilling Company today as way of an introduction. First they have a Facebook page -- go there and like them. Tell them you read about it here! Thank you!

Don't know a lot about them yet except that they distill many spirits with Rum (Sounds like Yum)...

Here is more of what we DO know,they are in St. Micheals, Maryland (605 S Talbot #6, Saint Michaels, Maryland 21663). They are at the stage of selling from their Taste Room only right know but I am sure that will change soon. I have communicated with Jaime Windon there and hope to get a taste soon! I will not be shy at all about sharing it with you all!!!

In Other Rum News We Find:

Fan submitted picture! Thank you supporting your local liquor makers! And day drinking haha They're drinking Queen Charlotte's Reserve and ginger ale.

Looks like their version of a Dark & Stormy is enjoyed! 

5280 Magazine wrote a nice piece on our ‪#‎Angelshare‬ cocktails happening all over Denver. This week, you can find our Mardi Gras cocktail at Lola Coastal Mexican where they've busted out our Spiced Rum for a $5 cocktail called Down in a Flash.
Great ‪#‎Angelshare‬ writeup on the 5280 Magazine blog yesterday - Homegrown cocktails that won't break your bank. Thanks for the mention!

Gonna get out before it snows (again.. sigh) -- later all


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News from around the Rum World 2/26/14

While things are slow in the Midwest due to a Winter who has a tenacious grip on us, the Rum World moves on....

Good to see things like this going on -- go to see Tailwinds Distilling getting mentions! 
There's nothing like having amazing friends and fans and we are so lucky to have so many great ones. This picture is from the home bar of an amazing supporter since the beginning, Brad Heron, in Wisconsin. Thanks for being AWESOME, Brad!

Great to see real fans of a very good (so I hear -- still waiting for a taste) Rum... May 
have to head up to Brad's for a sip... The Striped Pigs people sound like SO much fun and real driven Distillers. They are on my list for a visit.
Great to hear news from Journeyman!
Today marks our 600th Mash. We can hardly believe it! A big thank you to all of our loyal fans.
Privateer Rum is another rum I need to get a taste of!
RT @PrivateerRum RT @rumdood Tonight's dinner conversation was mostly me telling my wife how awesome my talk with @halfpintmaggie from @PrivateerRum was. ‪#‎rum‬ ‪#‎fanboy‬
Montanaya is checking in and one of our favorites from Spirit Tastes 2013!
Bay Area bartenders! Montanya Distillers will be at The Tonga Room in San Francisco today for a trade-focused rum event! Come see us!
See ya next time! -- Taste the Rum -- Lick the Glass!!


Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 -- What's happening?

I have to confess I have been bitten by the Olympic Bug. Spending hours in front of the UltraHD, sweating out medals that I often know about already, but still wonder at the skill and determination it takes to just get to that point.. the point of winning a medal.

Competition is great and new competitors is always a good idea. In Rum that holds true as well. This year we are beginning with at least two new Rums coming onto the market, and most likely more we are not aware of here at RTRR. I find it exciting that we may be able to taste Mid-Best's Rum soon. Mike Anderson has said he'll be sending me samples as soon as he gets them... Watch for that! Additionally I have exchanged E-mails with Landis Rabish, the Distiller for Grand Traverse Distillery, and we are on the list to get a taste of their rum, coming onto market this Spring-Summer. So these two will get considerable coverage here.

Around the Rum world an fresh from American Made Rum, we find:

Hi ho, hi's off to ferment and distill I go. Yes, I actually do make all my spirits. Unlike lots of craft "distilleries" who purchase liquor already made and package it, we here at Railean Distillers really do make our products from scratch. You can see for yourself during a tour, the still is running and you can smell the tanks of mash fermenting. Better ingredients, better tasting spirits!
MONTANA folk...if you're an Ugly Dog fan you can now ask your liqour store of choice to order it for you. Your store can order any of our spirits (vodka, flavored vodka...including bacon...rum, and gin) and, indeed, in the few short weeks that it has been available have been doing so. Be an UD supporter and tell us what you think!
Striped Pig Distillery
Happy National Love Your Dog Day! Our distillery dog, Maggie, is enjoying this amazing day outside on the porch, just livin' the dream!

Happy National Love Your Dog Day! Our distillery dog, Maggie, is enjoying this amazing day outside on the porch, just livin' the dream!
That's it for today! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Rum -- Finds US!

background.jpgA few days ago,  I was going through things after catching up post a REALLY busy weekend. I stopped by the Facebook site, American Made Rum and found a short note from Mr. Mike Anderson of Mid-Best Distillery, located at Lake of the Ozarks Mo. I immediately thought . o O (Great a new Rum and one from Missouri -- Kinda close to me too!). But after reading it I find that they (Mid Best) are developing a Rum and wanted my taste opinion on their efforts. I was excited. I have tasted a few Rums around this country and our Spirits 2013 had us sipping rum from all over the US. I have even managed to finagle a sip or two of an aged rum before release, or a new flavor line, but I have never been asked to give my opinion to a Distillery about their rum. That, to me, is cool. . .

So, what do we know about Mid-Best Distillery? If you click the link you will find out that the site is under construction. The Facebook account looks as though they are VERY well received. Their primary direction seems to be Moonshine and related Whiskeys. Mr Anderson asked that I add my palate to his with my rum buds ready. So that seems to be the plan. Please keep track of Mid-Best and read all about their Rum development here.... I also think they are "into" rums as I caught this photo on their Facebook...

This is an established business looking to expand into the Rum market. They look like lots of fun and the place looks great to! I have to map it and put it on my Road Trip list. Finally -- With this photo -- I hope they deliver!!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Until l next time I am -- Of Course:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Time Rum Musings

Sitting here outside Chicago, Winter has been pretty unrelenting. I like cool, even cold weather but weeks at a  time below freezing 34/7 as well as many many continuous hours below zero, it can get a bit trying. For me the days of sun and warmth (I hate heat -- anything in/above the upper 80's and humid is my worst) lay ahead and cooling drinks and outdoor times, exploration and discovery become easier and so much more enjoyable.
That said, things in the Distilling world don't stop on a day to day basis -- Let's look at a few thing I have just found.
From Grand Traverse Distillery, who I really like but have always urged them to GET A RUM into your product line!!! -- I Beamed when I saw this in their newsletter:

It has been a long cold winter and it wont leave just yet but we feel that if we move on to Spring topics maybe the weather will follow? 
Landis's Distiller's Corner

Hello everyone, from your friendly neighborhood distiller!
This will be a big year for whiskey production! We are in the process of tripling the amount of whiskey we are putting up for both Old George and our Bourbon! Hopefully we will have enough so that in the future you can find our whiskeys in retail stores (if we don't drink it all ourselves that is!)

We have 5 barrels of rum that are aging as we speak, and initial tasting says this is going to be a phenomenal spirit! We are working on the package for a clear rum (you will be hearing more about that this summer), and will possible be launching a new white whiskey!

Stay tuned, your friendly neighbor hood distiller has all the inside scoops!
Your friendly neighborhood distiller,

YES!!! Oh I want a Taste -- I want a Taste!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Wrapping up for the Weekend

Let's look into our mail bag....

From the crew at Tailwinds Distillery -- we got this message:



February 2014

Short and Sweet (like Jamey)

Happy New Year! Is it too late to still say that?  This email is premature as we will have a lot to talk about in a few weeks. Right now I am announcing that we are opening up for volunteers for bottling batch 2 of Midnight Caye rested agave this Sunday, February 9th. You can sign up for the volunteer list at
Bottling starts at noon and should take 4 hours.
You heard correctly... Batch 2 of Midnight Caye Rested will be available after Sunday. After sampling it from the barrel we are very excited!
We cant thank you enough for your continued support! This list has grown to well over 420 people. Amazing!
That is all for now stay tuned for more new shortly..

If any of our fans are out there looking for a fun way to spend a Sunday -- and help out a Craft Distiller -- Give them a visit and use the link above to sign up. One day I hope to make a batch bottling someday, but this one we can't do.

From Mississippi River Distillery:
  A whole new flavor is on it's way to help you get through the chill of winter!  Our newest installment of our "Still Crazy" series is a smoked whiskey called Six Shooter Smoke

We added a cherry wood smoked barley to our Cody Road Rye recipe and ended up with a uniquely smokey and spicy whiskey.

The smoke is reminiscent of a sweet barbecue with the spice of rye.  This one is a little crazy indeed!

We only made 1,032 bottles of this one, so it will go quickly.  We will be releasing this at the distillery on Feb. 7.  Make plans to get your hands on some!


Then hold on for April as Queen Bee Honey Whiskey returns!

I really like MRD and will be going out there again. They HAVE to bring back the Sorghrum back!!!

While we are there -- This was mentioned as well - and could not go to a nicer guy!


While he distills whiskey for a living, Mississippi River Distilling Company's distiller Scot Schaar is big into fermenting brew at home as well.  Schaar was recently honored as the 2013 Iowa Homebrewer of the Year.   
To be eligible for this distinction, a homebrewer must enter and place in three of four competitions throughout the year in the state.  The competitions are held all over Iowa with 26 different categories and sub categories.  Each entry in the various categories earns points.  Schaar entered multiple brews in each competition.   
Schaar was also honored as the runner up in the 2013 Midwest Homebrewer of the Year (MWHBOY) competition.  This competition encompasses 13 Midwest states and 15 competitions throughout the year.  Points are accumulated by winning first, second or third place in any of the homebrew competitions in the MWHBOY Circuit.  A brewer's accumulated points are multiplied by his winning percentage (his ratio of medals to entries) to calculate his net score, upon which the competition's rankings are based.  In 2013, Schaar medaled with 26 of his entries. 
            "I've been entering competitions for 10 years, a little more serious in the last three to four years and then sending samples out to farther competitions," Schaar says.  "The competitions really help with brewing by reading the judges' feedback as well as talking to other homebrewers and hearing other techniques.  Craft beer has gotten huge in the past five to ten years.  My equipment and craft has also grown over that time starting with just a pot on the kitchen stove to now having a fairly extensive system in my garage."

            In addition to entering homebrew competitions, Schaar also judges similar homebrew competitions.  He says judging is another good way to expand your palate and learn things to incorporate into his own beers.       
            Schaar has one more prestigious competition to go.  He has two beers qualified for the Master's Championship of Amateur Brewing competition (MCAB).  This is an annual national championship competition for homebrewers.  Brewers qualify for this event by competing in various qualifying events.  Placing first in any MCAB recognized category qualifies the entrant for admission into the MCAB championship competition, known as a "champions' championship" in the homebrew circuit.   
            Schaar started at Mississippi River Distilling Company in October 2012.  He had watched the business from the ground up and often helped during bottling nights and other events.  His knowledge of brewing naturally translated into distilling.  "His brewing background has been a huge asset to Scot and to our company."  said owner Ryan Burchett.  "Until it goes into the still, making whiskey is a brewing process.  So we've definitely learned from him. He has a real passion that shows in his beers and in the spirits he makes here.  We're really excited that he is getting some formal recognition for it."

That's it for today -- see you next time!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

We can not Forget -- Puerto Rican Rum!!

Often as I look though emails and tweets I have suggestions, articles, even outright pleas to include such and such rum. I turn many of them down as I decided to devote my time and utter lack of talent to American Made Rums. But, that does not include Puerto Rico, who, while is not a State of the Union is Territory of the United States. Since they make luscious Rums -- Why not??!! 

So, today we look at and taste  Ron Del Barrilito Rum Especial Three Star (there is a 2-Star). It is distiller blended and rested in charred oak barrels between 6 and 10 years. They don't rush Quality. I have not found an internet website for either the rum nor the Maker/distributor. I will update when/if we find more.

I poured a nice sample and immediately explored the bouquet. I find a real butterscotch (the smell seems to telegraph sweetness). It is very pleasant. At Spirit Taste 2013 one female participant said, upon smelling a similarly blessed rum bouquet, "I could wear this as perfume." Barrilito is one just like that!

Let's sip:
Very smooth, extremely subtle and tasty. At 43% (86 Proof) Alcohol this is a great proof for sipping. The Oak Char is present but not overpowering. The initial smoothness has a sweetness associated to it. The sweetness lingers and for me, intensifies making for a long, deep, wonderful finish.
This rum can easily stand up to a mix -- but a splash of water or a cube (even a cold stone disk) is all it really needs. For me -- This could lead to another Dark & Stormy Rum!
Check your local distributors or Liquor Shops that specialize in great Rum selections... I will be rating this on as soon as it is listed.....

That's it for today!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Dipping into American Made Rum

We are in the doldrums of winter. Cold, then snow, broken up only by snow and cold
together. Catching up on things IRL and not doing the exploration and updating I NEED to do. That aside, Distillers and fans of our Facebook page have not thrown in the towel. In fact, they have cranked it UP.... Looks like there may be some sort of NFL game on Sunday.... Hm-m-m-m- anyone know more about this??
Let's look into what they are saying......

Enjoyed having a class from Johnston & Wales culinary school come for a tour!
Muddy River Distillery LLC's photo.

The best offense vs. the best defense in the league... it's going to be a great game Sunday! What are your predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII? ‪#‎FireflyFootball‬
The best offense vs. the best defense in the league... it's going to be a great game Sunday! What are your predictions for Super Bowl  XLVIII? #FireflyFootball

Try some rum chocolate chip cookies using Busted Barrel Dark for Super Bowl! Yum!
Try some rum chocolate chip cookies using Busted Barrel Dark for Super Bowl! Yum!  
Check out the new ‪#‎striped‬ drink specials at The Lot! This place focuses on keeping it local! Go visit them and get STRIPED!
Check out the new #striped drink specials at @[420219288024131:274:The Lot]! This place focuses on keeping it local! Go visit them and get STRIPED!


Don't forget us At American Made Rum.... It's our chance to interact with you the Enthusiast and you, the Distiller.... Visit and like the page
Next week we taste a Puerto Rican Rum!!!! Stop by and read 
Until next time, taste it so deeply you