Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Taste Brinley Shipwrek Rum Rum -- Have a Great New Year!

So this will be our last publication until 2015. I has bee another fun filled year! I hope to see you continue to enjoy this blog and visit American Made Rum on Facebook as well (please remember to click the LIKE button!!)...

As you may recall, if you have been a longtime reader, and to introduce the mission we have here, mu quest for Rum began in the mid 1990's. My wife and I were visiting St Kitts and had there a Planters Punch made with CSR Rum. It was delicious, it was different, so much so I talked to the tour guide and he let me taste it straight... Oh what a revelation!!!
We bought all we could legally and repurchased on another visit a few years later. But that supply was gone soon, as well. I began to inquire and found the Distillery was defunct. There was some inventory available, but the import taxes and fees made it SO expensive! To top that off, I found CSR had the reputation of the "peoples" rum, the common, ordinary rum. That made it better in my mind, but still any I could find was too rich for me. My quest died away. Still Rum was on my favorite list for drinks and as most of us in the United States found, the basic Four, filled the gap. Occasionally a better import was gifted and enjoyed, but really, the
selection was pretty lackluster.
In 2012, I was able to retire early and began to do things I wanted to do, not just had to do. I have been a writer (I do have a novel published back in 2004 - WolfPointe) and have wanted to blog. But coming up with new material on at least a semi-regular basis was tough. I have 2-3 failed attempts out there, but nothing grabbed me.
One day after a family party, I was straightening up the bar. We were out of rum. So I made a mental note to buy some next time we were out shopping or driving near a liquor store.
That night - I was on the computer and still toyed with the whole "blogging" thing..... The... It hit me! Rum, -- Drinking Rum - Tasting Rum -- talking about Rum... I wasn't totally sure but I knew it hit a nerve! So on the day before Halloween, 2012 -- I published my first blog post here -- Click to See/read That started the train moving. If you are bored and looking for a good time waster read this blog and the next few to see how quickly the ideas gelled. Yeah, there were fits & starts but we've been moving forward ever since.
I told all that to you to introduce the last video we have from the Chicago Independent Spirit Expo held here September 30th. Almost two years from our first publication!.... Rather than tell you what you will hear and see -- I'll just let you hear and see it.....

So that's it from here for 2014..... I hope to see your pageviews in the new year. I also hope to meet many of you -- so watch for me to visit your favorite Distiller!!

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