Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time for 2014 is ticking away!

This isn't one of those letters like you get with some Christmas cards, you know, filled with family news, who did what etc. It is more like a wrap up of what we've done and where we hope to go... With more to come! I may be pretty scarce until after Christmas - so check here and catch up on posts you may have missed. We need to add an Oregon distiller that we missed in our 4 part series, so that will be here and we'll look at American Made Rum and see what is happening there. Let's get started.

We did a great job of introducing more Rum Distillers that make their craft rum here in the US. I want to reiterate that I choose this route (featuring Rums made in the USA) hoping to get into the niche of a small group of great, passionate Distillers and be allowed to explore their ideals and relate that to you. Instead (and happily so) I have been overwhelmed by the shear total of Distillers chasing that dream. I have been bad at keeping the guide up to date and hope to correct that over the Holiday Season and allow everyone access to the unbelievable selection of wonderful rum options. After January 1, I plan to do a recap of the year as far as the performance of this blog and our plans for the future... Make sure you are up to date and ready to find out more!

Who Did We Miss!

On American Made Rum I had posted (and promoted) a post about the blog. Low and behold another Rum Distiller posted a picture and greeting from Charleston Oregon. I can't pass by an invite like that, especially when made by the man that the Distillery takes its name -- So for Richard Stillwagon, we look at Stillwagon Distillery!

Welcome to, the home of The Devils Own Rum!

We are located on the Oregon coast in Coos Bay, just above the port town of Charleston.  Come visit!  We are open Wednesday, Thursday, and weekends from 11am to 4pm.  Call to see if we will be in on Friday.  Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Our address is 63848 Seven Devils Road, Charleston OR, 97420.

We are offering many unique and delicious hand crafted spirits.

Our White, Wicked, Gold, Spiced, and Black Spiced rums are now available, soon to be followed by our new, tropical, Pineapple Rum!

They hit the market running and have an all rum line up -- Let's look at all of them


White Rum
Our White Rum has a delicate smooth flavor with a sweet and fruity finish. Not to be
taken lightly at 110 proof.

Spiced Rum
Our Spiced Rum is infused with the flavors of the tropics.  We use real Pineapple,
Coconut, Vanilla, and a host of other spices carefully blended to tantalize your palate.

Wicked Rum
Our Wicked Rum is our overproof at 155.  It is incredibly smooth for a high proof with a sweet fruity finish.

Gold Rum
Our Gold Rum is aged for at least a year in new charred oak barrels made by ISC in
Missouri.  It has a mellow smooth slightly sweet flavor with a hint of vanilla and oak.  Many Bourbon drinkers have been swayed by this rum...

Black Spiced Rum
Our newest product is our Black Spiced Rum!  It has a different combination of spices than
our spiced rum, blended in our gold rum with a splash of molasses to give it a rich bold flavor.

Now that is a delicious sounding line up! Richard Stillwagon and crew go about the process following age old methods to make a superb rum
We produce all of our rum onsite.  We use high quality Blackstrap Molasses and Cane Sugar produced here in the USA.
Our barrels are crafted from American White Oak by Independent Stave Company in Missouri and given a special char that produces our unique flavor.

We bottle, seal, and label every bottle by hand.

So, without tasting the Rum -- I can say -- this needs to be investigated -- Don't forget to add this Spirit House to your itinerary if you are exploring Rum Distilleries on the West Coast.!!   

If I don't make it back here before next week - have a great Christmas and Holiday season!!

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