Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Oregon Distillers, Part One

Recently I had posted some new distillers and found a guide to distillers in Oregon. This was a trove of great information. Now I don't know a lot about them -- but let this be an introduction to us from the West Coast!

Bull Run Distillery
They are located in Portland (use the link to find directions and such). They are a wide menus Spirit Distiller - Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Pacific Rum.  I'll let the website tell you more about the rum:

"It’s a little known fact that years before Oregon became a state, rum was being produced from Hawaiian sugar cane on the banks of the Willamette River. Today, Bull Run’s Pacific Rum is crafted from 100% Hawaiian cane sugar and sees no less than 4 weeks in bourbon barrels — an elegant and intense salute to our spirited past."


Since I have none to taste (yet) -- Here is their description of Pacific Rum:

"The Taste: A creamy mouth feel opening with notes of coconut and chocolate and finishing warm with vanilla and citrus."


Hope to hear more and maybe get a taste...

 Eastside Distilling


Another Portland Distiller, they carry a selection of spirits as well as 3 rums; a white and 2 flavored rums:


Double Distilled Premium Rum

Below Deck Fine and Flavored Rums are handcrafted and double-distilled in Portland, Oregon from natural ingredients in small batches for unparalleled quality and taste.

Below Deck Silver Rum

A smooth light rum that will compliment your favorite cocktail.

Below Deck Ginger Rum

Naturally flavored, our Ginger Rum adds a bold, spicy essence to the cocktail hour.


Below Deck Coffee Rum

We gave our award-winning Coffee Rum the strong flavor of coffee, but left out the sweet!

We set out on a quest to create a top quality, naturally flavored spiced rum with the goal of producing something extra special. And now, our small batch, Below Deck Spiced Rum is available in individually numbered bottles at the Eastside Tasting Room.

Eastside offers tours and tastings -- Sounds like a great place to visit, taste and explore...
The last place today is:

This one has been partially explored in an earlier post - but I wanted to include them in today's grouping.  They offer a full line of spirits, but only one - and it sounds special, rum:

One-Eyed Jon Spiced Rum  Released November 2013 

Hand crafted using traditional methods, fair trade coffee from Bellatazza and the finest
Caribbean spices available. Aged to perfection in CW Irwin Bourbon barrels for a smooth satisfying flavor.

Bring out your inner pirate!

So there you go, a good start on Oregon Rums -- we will come back for more on the list next time! 
Till then -- Lick the glass and remember you read about it here!



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