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Oregon Distillers -- The Final Chapter

Yeah... we went there
We've had some interesting Distillers introduced over the past 3 posts. If you are on the west coast, Oregon for sure, stop by and visit these places - order online where available and spread the joy with perhaps a gift to a discerning friend or family member (or yourself!) that enjoys a real crafted Spirit. Also, if you travel and find yourself in/near Oregon - take a side trip - as so many of these distillers products are only available at the distillery or in the state. That said -- Lets look at the final group of fine distillers I have information on...

Immortal Spirits & Distilling Company

I find that their Rum, State of Jefferson Rum, is a very interesting blend of 3 year aged rum with unaged white rum.  Without tasting - I have to think they are looking for a deeper complexity. While you don't loose complexity from a white as you age, it can get muted in the process. By blending, often the distiller is looking to bring that crisp unaged flavor back to the forefront to exist as an equal with the mellowed flavors of oak barrel aging. I will endeavor to get a sample and report back - but right now I am just imagining.
I'll let them tell you more as quoted from their website:

State of Jefferson Rum

"Distilled from cane sugar. This is a blend of our aged rum, 3 years aged on charred Oregon Oak barrels, and unaged, new-make rum. Tasting notes of a bourbon like quality in oak profile, with an even sweetness of caramel and vanilla, no spice or pepper. Enjoy
neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. The oak aging makes for an extraordinary sipping rum!

State of Jefferson Rum is another first release from Immortal Spirits, with the 2014 release marking 3 years of aging on charred Oregon Oak barrels. This release is a blend of aged and new, clear rum. Produced and blended at the distillery in Medford Oregon, double distilled in our pot stills, and bottled in 750 mL clear glass at 92 proof. Hand labeled, wax dipped and numbered. Featuring the map of the state of Jefferson on the front label. 2014 release, 515 bottles made. Available through OLCC retail stores now."

I like the fact that they went with a sugar beer and the blending sounds interesting. Note, as I said earlier, the rum is only available locally. 
Here is more about the distiller, Immortal Spirits:

Immortal Spirits & Distilling Company is located in Medford, Oregon. We are proud to be Southern Oregon’s FIRST single malt whiskey distillery. Specializing in small batch distillations from the hand hammered potstill we forged ourselves, Immortal Spirits is produced in 88 gallon batches. Tours, tastings and dock sales welcome!


Our final stop is a Winery and Distiller. This really expands the day when one chooses to visit. I know from some of my combination trips that the scope and interesting insights, information is just intoxicating on its own, beyond the product. Okay, that said let's look at:

Glaser Estate Winery & Distillery

Since Memorial Day Weekend 2011, Glaser Estate Winery has been producing exceptional, quality wines on the North Umpqua River. We encourage our guests to bring a small picnic to enjoy while tasting our products in a beautiful outdoor setting by the river.
The tasting room is open daily from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, as well as on Monday on holiday weekends. 

We love to participate in the special events in your life. Please call us in advanced if you would like to host a birthday party, anniversary or engagement party, and any other milestone celebration. We can also accommodate small company or corporate events. 

In addition to our selection of wines, Glaser Estate also produced its own liquors and liqueurs on site. We offer a refreshing white rum and smooth vodka, as well as an array of handcrafted liqueurs.

We are currently in the process of creating more spirits to suite our guests’ preferences.

The white Rum mentioned within that introduction is Glaser White Rum. They have an expanding Spirit menu and I hope they expand their selection of Rum -- Still a great white rum is worth a lot in my mind. I'd love to try it and/or hear from those who have..

Our White Rum won the silver medal for the White Rum category in the 2014 World Drink Awards held in London, England, as well as the silver medal for the best distilled product in 2012 by the American Wine Society. Made from Barbados molasses, this spirit has more warmth and character than many long-aged amber rums. It has a slightly sweet, exotic character, reminiscent of vanilla frosting and ripe pears, plus clove and black pepper sparks. This spirit is smooth enough to drink straight or the perfect base for a Mojito or tropical Mai Tai.  


That is our trip to Oregon. In the future - we will try to do this with other states or regions. Stay tuned - we are in the Holiday Season - so don't forget you shopping list when trying to find "That" taste for someone who enjoys a great spirit -  great rum... 

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