Sunday, December 07, 2014

Let's Talk Letters From Louisiana!

While moseying through my Email, I wa notified of a few comments... Normally they are spammy in nature, so you don't see those (really -- Lawn care tips?? Really?)... I did, however get one that made me want to comment with a post rather than at teh comment itself (i Did both actually)...

Trey Litel12/05/2014 10:58 AM
Hello Rick,
We would like to invite you to visit BAYOU RUM DISTILLERY in Louisiana. We ferment, distill, mature, and bottle our Bayou Rums made from locally grown, harvested, and processed Louisiana sugarcane! Bayou Rum has been recognized with 50 tasting awards this year and we would love to be listed in your esteemed RUM DISTILLERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA listing. Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Trey -- We have mentioned Bayou Rum Distillery and are woefully back logged in up dating our directory... I would love to visit and hope to in the future... The best I can hope for is a Sample?? For now anyway... I will try to update the directory ASAP and make sure Bayou Rum Distillery is included!!
As you can read Trey Litel has urged me to do some work (Oh man -- I thought this retired stuff would be easy) and make sure to update my Directory to make it easier for you, the Rum Enthusiast, to find rums in your area or areas you plan to visit...
I have fallen down on the job. I hearby lay an oath to update said directory in the next week or two, hopefully before 2015 makes its entry....

Here is what we have written in the past and highlighted Louisiana Spirits and Bayou Rum -- Please click the links for the FULL story!! I am too lazy to cut and paste -- LOL

Jan 25, 2013
Located along I-10 South Frontage Road at exit 48, the new distillery, which is nearing completion, has also named Republic National Distributing as Bayou Rum's sole distribution partner in Louisiana. The craft distillery is ...
Oct 10, 2014
The biggest thing that has literally POPPED into my life is Bayou Rum. Got a Like at American Made Rum the other day and within a day we had 23 "likes" on that post (It would be nice if all 23 LIKED American Made Rum too.

 I looked at out directory and --- Oh yeah we are WAY behind... So I will work on it - I promise!

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