Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Holiday Greeting to all my Rum Buddies...

Just wanted to extend a warm greetings to all. The great readers, the wonderful distillers and in general, all the fabulous fans of a great, craft, small batch rum, made right here in the USA! I try to keep sending out information that is useful, timely and fun. I attempt to keep the stream lively and humorous, face it - it's about drinking! I hope you enjoy.
To each of yours from all of mine - Merry Christmas, have a great Holiday season...

I'll be ending the year with two more videos from the 2014 Indie Spirits Expo here in Chicago -- So Christmas Day, when things are a bit settled (I'll set the publish at Noon) -- Look for one and the other should appear New Years Eve (evening publish - say about 5-6 PM).... Pour a great rum over ice, call up this blog and enjoy!

To keep us in theFrom Esquire.
mood -- here is a list of some great Rum drinks for Christmas...

Have a great time

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