Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two Distillers Have Big Announcements!

Let's start off the new week with some exciting news!!
First, the subject of my inquiries, Grand Traverse Distillery, has made the announcement I have been waiting for.... RUM!!
If you recall, we had a visit with them this past Summer and talked with their Distiller, Landis Rabish... We talked about their aged product (which I tasted while still aging) and the upcoming announcement to begin marketing the Silver. Sadly he had none for me to taste that day -- but I assure you as soon as I can I will taste and report!

Special Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the release of our Silver Reserve Rum!

It has been a year in the making and we finally have our first release of our Silver Reserve Rum in our first new bottle. This day is epic for us as we move to high end glass to reflect the quality of our spirits. The days of paper labels will soon be behind us and improved images and shelf appeal are here. This Rum was crafted from 100% Dark Grade A Sugar Cane Molasses and bottled at 90 proof. Perfect neat, on the rocks or featured in your favorite cocktail this rum is sweet, bright and sure to please even the most devoted rum connoisseurs.

Along the same lines -- big news out of Tailwinds Distillery. There have been flashes and tid-bits but this is the official announcement (Via their Newsletter).... This is just part of the news letter - I edited to show the two big items.... You go guys and Ms Tailwind is a retro pin-up nose painting worth the effort! As to the other announcement -- Tailwinds Distilling is on a mission to conquer the US; One state at a time...
Big Changes are in the Winds...


Finishing the year strong.

Snow is back which means Coffee Rum is warming hearts all over.. We have less than 50 bottles left in the distillery. We are continuously humbled by your support. October brought record production numbers for the Tailwinds Crew and we are working very hard to stay caught up.

The Beautiful Lady Above...

Miss Taildragger is the first part of a complete rebrand for Tailwinds Distilling Company and our Spirits. She was created for Tailwinds by Gary Velsco of Fighting Colors.
Gary is one of the most awarded aircraft nose artists in the world. "The Taildragger" logo is a collaboration Gary's orginal painting and the work of Joe Magda at Augusta Label. It even encompasses some of the old logo design by Glen Beason and truly represents our evolution as a company.

Why the change? I loved the old bottles...

We have stood and shouted for years that great rums can come from America too! Rum and aviation have a rich history in America. One lead a revolution.  The other lead an era that defined American icons. We wanted a brand that encompassed our families history in aviation and as we help to forge a revolution for American Made Rums. Nothing against the old labels, but they seemed to suggest a more tropical feel.
We felt the agave should command more of a shelf presence and classy look. When you see it, you know what's inside has to be interesting.  It will also be branded under "Tailwinds 100% Blue Agave Spirit" so you won't have to try to figure out how to pronounce Midnight Caye (key) anymore. We are very excited about the new direction of our brand as we feel it has finally charted its own course and tells our story.
-Toby Beall
Founder and Master Distiller

The new look will hit the shelves right after the new year which means these old bottles will become a rarity soon. We urge you to pick up what you can before they are gone.

They will still have spirits inside with the exception of the Agave Rested which has been barreled after a slightly different distillation technique. There will be a bottling party for that barrel to be announced in December. We will be posting pictures to Facebook over the next few days in an album called "Building Miss Taildragger" showing how she was brought together. Our new labels have been sent off to the Government for approval. Once approved we will show what they are going to look like on the new bottles.
Please let us know what you think of the change.


Tailwinds Distilling joins Windy City Distribution to make history together

October 31st Tailwinds Distilling joined the award winning craft beer distribution powerhouse Windy City Distribution (a Reyes Company) as their inaugural spirit. To commemorate the launch day a kick off party was held at Tailwinds Distillery. Fire It Up Taco Fusion catered the event where we were able to show 35 of WCD's sales reps how our spirits are made. Craig Hiljus (formerly of the Jimmy at the James Hotel) was introduced to head up their spirits program. When we first started talking about joining a craft beer house we were told we were crazy (we get told that a lot) but the buzz has been overwhelming. WCDs success in with craft beer is due to one thing, PASSION. "We will only be taking on distilleries who actually distill their own spirits, have a great story behind them and are passionate about what they do"  Windy City President Bob Collins said as he opened the presentation. With Windy City's attention that they give their accounts we are already seeing an impact on our Illinois sales

Spreading out...


Tailwinds Spirits are now carried in 7 different Crown Liquors stores throughout the state. We had a lot fun with RNDC Indiana at their Holiday showcase. We will be adding many more locations soon. If you would like to see Tailwinds in a bar, restaurant or store near you ask them to order from RNDC of Indiana. 317-636-4880


We have sent a small amount of spirits to Madison, Wisconsin.  Check out Barriques locations. We will be adding more locations in February around the Distill America event. If you would like to see Tailwinds in a bar, restaurant or store near you ask them to order from Frank Liquor. (608) 836-6000


Coming soon...

That's it for this quick visit -- see you next time!!

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