Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rick Talks about a New (To Him) Distiller.

I am always looking for distillers I have not caught up upon and new ones springing up. Searching through emails and Tweets we find:

Appears that I have overlooked another fine Texas Distillery... Whitherspoon Distillery I was followed by this company and need to acknowledge and pass on what I know to you. They are a whiskey Distillery and they have a Rum -- so we are stoked!

Let me Get the Details up for you then we'll let the fine people tell us more.
Witherspoon Distillery 545 N. Cowan Avenue
Suite F
Lewisville, TX 75057

If you want -- They have a website, and a Facebook! Page..

Here is what they have to say about themselves....

About Witherspoon Distillery 

"Founded in 2011 by Quentin D. Witherspoon, Witherspoon Distillery produces premium handcrafted spirits that stay true to traditional distilling. From grain to bottle, we control every step of the process. Beginning with the sourcing of US made raw materials, to on-site fermentation, and finally distilling, aging, bottling and packaging, we make sure that every drop of our spirits are of the highest quality.
Please come visit us at the distillery! We host a tour and happy hour on Friday beginning at 4pm, and offer multiple tours every Saturday. Please visit our Tours page for more information and to make a reservation.
Want to learn more about distilling and keep up with distillery events? Be sure to like us on Facebook! 
"Fifth Generation Lewisville local, Quentin D. Witherspoon, joined the Marines after graduating high school and began a military career that would allow him to travel the world. While in Central Africa with his platoon, certain recreational beverages were hard to come by, and since “necessity is the mother of all invention,” it was there that Quentin began distilling his own spirits. After completing his tour, he returned from abroad to Charleston, South Carolina, where he met others who shared his love of distilling and immersed himself in the world of Appalachian moonshining.

"Taking a break from making mountain whiskey, he and his master still-maker toured Puerto Rico to learn the art of crafting rum. Once back in the Southeastern United States, Quentin’s most exclusive customers now had the added treat of a small, but rich pint of rum to accompany the two quarts of corn whiskey that made up their usual order. It didn’t take long before the rum orders were outnumbering requests for whiskey. His heart and the dream of bringing his fine spirits home finally brought him back to his roots in Lewisville, Texas, where Witherspoon Distillery quickly came to life."

I read with fascination that Quentin's orders for rum expanded so quickly. It shows me a few things. Rum is definitely on the rise, second -- he makes a good one. This - of course - will be added to my "I Gotta Take A Sip" list, in hope they can get a sample to me...

Let's look at Witherspoon's River Rum..
"Full flavored with hints of vanilla and butterscotch, Witherspoon’s River Rum finishes warm and smooth. Over two decades ago, while living in the Caribbean, Quentin developed his award-winning recipe purely from sugar cane and molasses. It was here that he not only learned to appreciate the craft of rum distilling, but realized he wanted to offer American made plantation style rum, staying true to its American roots. Winning multiple awards in its first year alone, this rum has been crafted for the true connoisseur."
 They have been around since 2011 -- the period where many distillers began, to be frank -- a lot that started then are gone already as it doesn't take long for the field to shrink...

Sounds like a great place - The Rum sounds VERY interesting -- Let me hear more for everyone and I will talk to you again, soon!

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