Friday, November 14, 2014

New Distillers! & We Pass 275 Posts!

In celebration of my 275th post -- let's look for some new Distillers.... We never know which ones can/will pan out -- but at least we know they are out there.
Semper In Quaerendo, is my Latin motto (Looking Always).. 

That in mind:

Oregon Distillery Trail
Location [State] Oregon
Comment: Usually if a distillery does not have a rum -- we skip them. Just keeping track of the hundreds of USA made Rums is difficult -- it is out of the niche I choose for this blog. That said -- this home page name made me think of an early computer game (Oregon Trail®) but is a treasure trove of many (if not all) the Distillers in Oregon! I quick counted 31.... This will take some exploration to find the Rum Distillers and get that back to you.

Ursa Major Distilling
Location [State] Alaska
Rum Name: Tanna Gold Rum
Comment:This bears a further look... From their Website:
We are a small independent distillery located in the hills of Fairbanks, Alaska above the Tanana River.  Our products are distilled from local barley grown in Delta Junction and certified Alaska Grown.  All of our stills are hand made by the distiller to produce exceptionally smooth and pure spirits.
America's farthest North distillery is now in business! Actually, we may be the farthest North legal distillery in the whole world! Please drop us a line if you know of any distillery at or above Latitude 64.8378° N.
Find us on facebook @ ursamajordistilling and twitter @ursamajordistil."
We will follow up here -- but please -- feel free to visit their site or contact them for more.
PLEASE tell them you heard about it HERE --

Fox River Distilling
Location [State] Illinois
Rum Name: ??
Comment: Limited Info here -- They have a Twitter account. I dropped them an Email -- let's see what happens!

Van Brunt Stillhouse
Location [State] New York
Rum Name: Due North Rum
Comment: Nice Site -- I'll let them speak of their Distillery and Rum:

"Van Brunt Stillhouse takes a time honored traditional approach to distilling.  Sourcing wheat, rye and corn directly from upstate New York farmers.  Making every spirit from scratch in the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn.  Our family of whiskeys give a nod to classic styles while remaining innovative, creating unique and inviting spirits.

"Due North Rum is carefully created with organic, unprocessed sugar.  While most sugar is grown on plantations and manufactured in industrial processing plants, our sugar was grown by small family farmers and dried in the sun.

"Rum has a long history in New York and America.   The fledgling colonies were cash poor and recognized the economic opportunity in importing the waste product of their sister colonies in the Caribbean and producing a much sought after product on the world market. Van Brunt Stillhouse is bringing rum back to the northeast with Brooklyn’s own rum: Due North Rum.

"Sailors at sea were once afforded a ration of rum every day.   It was their pay.   Usually the Grog was more water than rum, but when they had performed valiantly or had seen
heavy weather or a bruising fight, the captain would dole out a little more fortitude in the ration.  When the ration was pure rum, the sailors would say the ration was "Due North".

"Due North Rum's delicate profile and it's unique aging process gives this rum appeal to whiskey drinkers and rum drinkers alike."

This is a definite follow-up -- more soon to come!

Coppersea Distilling
Location [State] New York
Rum Name: ??
Comment: Looks like a nice Distiller -- No mention of what spirits they actually make -- Most likely me not looking hard enough, but I left mail...

Cooper River Distillers
Location [State] New Jersey
Rum Name: Petty's Island Rum
Comment: Some notes from the Distillers about Cooper River Distillers:

About Cooper River Distillers 

"Cooper River Distillers is the first legal distillery in Camden, NJ since at least Prohibition. We haven’t found any record of a Camden-based distillery even before Prohibition, but if you know of one please let us know!

IMG_20140318_113328We began production of our first product – Petty’s Island Rum – in April of 2014, and plan to continue crafting one-of-a-kind spirits including a variety of rums, bourbons, rye whiskeys, and brandies. All of our spirits are hand-made from scratch in downtown Camden, New Jersey and distributed to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in South Jersey. Check back here often or sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of what’s new with South Jersey’s finest craft spirits!"

 Here is the skinny on Petty's Island Rum:

Petty’s Island Rum "Named after Petty’s Island, a 300 acre sliver of land wedged between Philadelphia and Camden in the Delaware River. The island may be small in size, but it has a history as exotic and full of intrigue as any Caribbean paradise – pirates, shipwrecks, fortunes lost and found, Petty’s Island has seen them all!
Petty’s Island Rum is distilled by hand from choice molasses in a traditional copper pot still for a bold, rich flavor as unique as Petty’s Island itself.
Petty’s Island Rum is rolling out slowly this summer – please be patient as we get it too you as quickly as we can make it. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out when and where each batch is available..."

Another HOT Follow-up....

Well friends and neighbors -- another fun Friday here as we gear up to find out more. Please do click on each link and explore new rums from new places. While at a site -- help us out by telling them you found out about them here!
I too am interested in your comments about what you know, like or found out about these and ANY Rum distiller you may know of that I have missed... Until next time...

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