Monday, November 24, 2014

More New Distillers - Here in the U.S.A.

The input from a promoted post at American MadeRum sparked a flurry of likes and comments. It also yielded --- RUM! Here are two new distillers that we found just by promoting yourselves a bit. The additions are short -- we have just made a discovery -- we will have follow-up as we go and hope to have more individualized and detailed information soon! I the mean time let's take a look!

Channel Islands Distillery
They are out of Ventura, California and I'll let the website tell you a bit more:

"Hand-Crafted Micro Distilled Rum Designed For Taste, smoothness, and quality.
Each of our rum recipes use only the finest local ingredients to create a fine tasting spirit. The smoothness of each sip is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. The distillery will be in full operation by 2014 so you can taste the smoothness for yourself!"
Sounds like they are growing and moving toward the future..

"LOCALLY owned and operated
Partners Joe and Michael, started the Channel Islands Distillery because they couldn't find a premium rum on the market that suited their taste. They have tasted nearly every rum on the market but none as smooth as their own.
As far as their rums goes:
Grey Ghost Rum (Inspired by the rum running ship that crashed into the Channel Islands in 1926 while being pursued (and fired upon) by the coast guard.) Read the full story on our inspiration page."

I recommend you to click on that link to read all about their inspiration for their rum.


They offer a few other rums and I am looking forward to see if I can get a taste...
You can find out more at their Facebook Page as well.

Oregon Spirit Distillers
If you recall my last New Distillers basedpost, the State of Oregon has a trove of distillers and OSD is one of them. The fact that Jon Rev-dude (his "dude" not mine...) responded -- I will give you a preview of the fine Distillers located in Oregon...
Located in Bend Oregon, Oregon Spirit Distillers offers a whole line of spirits -- the Rum is One-Eyed Jon Spiced rum. Here is a bit about it...
"One-Eyed Jon Spiced Rum
Released November 2013
Hand crafted using traditional methods, fair trade coffee from Bellatazza and the finest Caribbean spices available. Aged to perfection in CW Irwin Bourbon barrels for a smooth satisfying flavor.
Bring out your inner pirate!"

 Now, the Jon Rev-dude who posted on AMR, sure sounded like the distiller... But we will talk more and tell you all about it soon!

As usual I will Get more to you just as soon as I can find out more. If you know of them -- or have had the rums in question - please let us know. Please - use their links - explore and tell them you read about it here!!



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