Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Are Tasting Again!! -- RTRR Meets Treaty Oak

Today we will be showing a video that was important to me. Two years ago as I began my journey in rum, Treaty Oak was one of those Distillers that came up at the top of the list. I'll give away a secret. See, we writers use LOTS of resources. For me, when looking for things rum-like, say, Distillers for instance The Distilled Life is great to begin research. If you just put in their search engine for RUM and TEXAS -- Treaty Oak is #1.

It was a thrill for me to finally taste the rum and meet one of the Distillers, Curtis Chaney. I have to say their rum is outstanding. It is pretty much everything a clear rum needs to be to have an adjective like "outstanding". Of course its me talking and you and I could spend the night tasting - talking, comparing even disagreeing as to what outstanding rums are. That is why I taste and talk - to let you know what to expect!

As with the best of the best, distillers that have a passion for what they do come through in person. Treaty Oak is passionate about what they do and damned good at it.

RTRR is not alone - here is what Texas had to say about Treaty Oak.

Treaty Oak Distillery: Austin's Worst Kept Secret

Treaty Oak Distillery Making a Name For Itself by
Pssst, don't say anything, but Daniel Barnes is making rum in Austin. Not a lot, just a couple hundred cases a month. But that's fine with him. He wants to keep his Treaty Oak Distillery small. That way he can focus on the fun parts of making a whole line of unique spirits without having to spend all his time on the less fun parts.
He might want to work on his strategy though. In addition to rum, he's also making gin and sweet tea-flavored vodka. He'll be releasing a clear vodka and an aged rum soon and he's toying with the idea of creating his own whiskey. Distilling and distributing six different spirits is not the best way to keep a low profile in Texas.
Daniel Barnes of Treaty Oak Distillery
Daniel Barnes
Treaty Oak began as a collaboration between Barnes and his father in law, Bruce Graham. "It started out as a vision of handcrafting a quality product," Barnes explains. "Phil's background is in engineering and I grew up in the food service business so it was sort of natural that we try to create something unique in the food and beverage world."
While Graham was designing the stills being used at Treaty Oak, Barnes was working out the recipe for his rum. Using molasses from the last sugar mill in Texas and Hill Country spring water, the two have developed a rum that's so smooth it's compared to high-end vodkas. "I come from a wine background," Barnes adds. "I've been involved in food and beverage most of my life and back in the early 2000's I got out of the business after I met my wife but I stayed very active in home brewing and made my own wine at home. I saw what was going on in the craft distilling movement in the Pacific Northwest and California and I decided it would be really fun to open a distillery here in Texas and do things a little differently than what was out on the market so far."
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We love talking rum - we love bringing rum talk (and tasting) to you. I hope you enjoy and learn
from watching - as much as we enjoy, learn from doing them!!
See you next time
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  1. Hello Rick,
    We would like to invite you to visit BAYOU RUM DISTILLERY in Louisiana. We ferment, distill, mature, and bottle our Bayou Rums made from locally grown, harvested, and processed Louisiana sugarcane! Bayou Rum has been recognized with 50 tasting awards this year and we would love to be listed in your esteemed RUM DISTILLERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA listing. Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Trey -- We have mentioned Bayou Rum Distillery and are woefully back logged in up dating our directory... I would love to visit and hope to in the future... The best I can hope for is a Sample?? For now anyway... I will try to update teh directory ASAP and make sure Bayou Rum Distillery is included!!