Wednesday, October 08, 2014

St George Spirits - From the 2014 Indie Spirit Expo

Welcome aboard a new week - We will continue touring our visit too the 2014 Chicago Independent Spirits Expo (CISE). Today we'd like to introduce a New Distiller and one that really falls into the New To Us bucket as they have been distilling since 1982! I say it puts them in the Old School/Pioneer class of Spirit Distillers.

We were scouring the banners and card stands of all the various Distillers looking for one that had a Rum. In addition to the ones we knew, and stopped by, we found some that we did not know. St George is one of those.

Their website says of California Agicole Rum: 
"Made from 100% California sugarcane, St. George California Agricole Rum (formerly Agua Libre Rum) is a pure, primal, unapologetic expression of fresh California cane.

Intensely grassy, sultry, and robust, this rum is not for the faint of heart—but for those who love it there is no substitute."
Andi (I am guessing at the spelling - sorry) was gracious and very knowledgeable. She certainly knows her spirits and the St. George California Agricole Rum in particular. This rum has a distinctive and bold flavor - do not think "Mixer". As usual you are more than welcome to mix and it will revolutionize the drink in your glass - but take the time to sip and enjoy!

We especially want to make sure you read this from their site:
"What were we thinking? Why couldn't we have just made a "normal" rum?

We could have. But we didn't want to.

It all goes back to eau de vie, our flagship spirit. As eau de vie makers, our goal is to capture the authentic flavors and aromas of whatever source material we're working with—be it pears, cherries, or in the case of our rum, fresh sugarcane.

Staying true to this philosophy resulted in a colossal, grassy rum that is a clear expression of California sugarcane—but it's a strikingly different flavor profile from most rums out there, many of which are made from molasses (a byproduct of sugar manufacturing) rather than fresh cane. And even among agricole-style rums (rums that originate from cane, not molasses), we know that ours stands out for its allegiance to the ripe, vegetal properties of just-harvested cane.

We're proud of that, and we love how this rum smells and tastes. We know not everyone's going to feel the same way, though, and we're cool with that. For those of you out there who try our rum and can't fathom why anyone would want to drink it, we'd be happy to point you in the direction of some "normal" rums."

To me, this really sets the tone and establishes the passion everyone at St George's seems to have. This is a true Craft Rum. Hope you try and enjoy - I did!
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