Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rum Bulletins – This Week – This year

Looking around the wide world of Rum, we have a few things to talk about.
But I can do that later. Damn I love the retired life!! What I real want to say is in this message:

 – On October 28, 2012 I published my first blog as Rick, The Rum Runner (RTRR). Click thislink and give it a read – please.

So this is two years being your craft rum source of information and fun. I has been fun too! I have
emailed, phoned and visited so many fun people in this business that it's hard to understand how anyone gets work done! The Distillers and other Distillery workers are so friendly and generous with their time and knowledge, that learning about run (thought I knew a lot when I started – what a laugh – after two years I think I am scratching the surface) and how its made has been the most fascinating part, I think.

Still things continue – things grow, expand and blossom. There have been a few losses in the Industry – but in general Rum Distillers are finding a nice niche. 

A common discussion I seem to be having with many Distillers is improving Rum's reputation. Yes it IS all things pirate'y and such, but it is also historical, political, military based as well as so much more complex than many of us realize. We are not improving the reputation as Rum does not NEED a reputation upgrade. What we need to do is ADD to the reputation of this complex and intricate spirit. I have learned how different distillation techniques give us different flavors and backgrounds
of said flavors. Different ingredients also do that as well as variations of basic ingredients, for example we might say Molasses but what kind? What cut of the refining process? Where was it grown? And so on.

The use of aromatics to add subtly flavors and palate treats, even the use of sugar, sugar syrup and so on can alter, add and fulfill the destiny of a certain Rum. It's all there – it's there for us to explore and enjoy. Rum is the first Distilled spirit in the New World – it was important for the very survival of some of the first settlers. Politically it was as involved- if not more involved in the cause of the Revolutionary War than tea. The Tea Party was as much a Rum Dump, except that the party-ers knew, Dump The Tea – Save the RUM. The Whiskey Rebellion that rocked the first President's term most likely had a lot more Rum than Whiskey involved. Need I bring up slavery? Yes the sugar plantations needed more and more labor to harvest and press cane... It rivaled the tobacco crops on the mainland.

Rum history goes on and on from its beginnings in ancient China or perhaps India, to the first Rum distillery in the British colonies set up in 1664 on what is present day Staten Island and just three years later join by another in Boston.

I was once told by a whiskey snob (not the fun Whiskey enthusiasts I have found so many of – a snob is rare and bad), that rum was just distilled Molasses, while his precious whiskey was true nectar... Well, Whiskey is just aged moonshine then. 

I believe it was Jim Irvin of Firefly Distillery who told me – Rum is special – it needs to be made into a beer before it can be distilled into rum.... As you sip a great rum – remember that as you taste the complexity.

Craft Rum is NOT the big name stuff – Craft Rum is hard to come by. Please use my directory to fine places near and far from you – where they can be bought – some even on the internet. If you find a place – please let me know – we have an email addy – so use IT!

Finally – after two years I have become so comfortable with you all, kind readers. Please comment – send email. Those in the business – remember I am here to spread the word – a sample, an invite – just letting me know you are out there helps us both... Thanks and hope to her from you soon –

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