Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday report - Some Rum News

While we do video visits with some of the distillers were were able to talk to at the recent Chicago Independent Spirit Expo, I wanted to interject with ongoing news about Craft Rum and happenings country-wide.

The biggest thing that has literally POPPED into my life is Bayou Rum. Got a Like at American Made Rum the other day and within a day we had 23 "likes" on that post (It would be nice if all 23 LIKED American Made Rum too..). So we did some hunting and find we actually talked about the Distiller - Louisiana Spirits - back in January 2013. We have bee waiting for further news and it seems they are up, running, and making news!
They have three Rums - you can go to their website and read ll about them but I will post a bit about each here:

Bayou® Satsuma Rum

Sugar Cane and Satsuma Combine with a Refreshing Citrus Taste.
From the land where sugarcane and Satsuma oranges first arrived in the USA, comes Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur, a craft-made, All-American rum flavored with Satsuma juice. Biting into a freshly peeled Louisiana Satsuma is hard to beat! During the last Satsuma harvest in Louisiana, we started mixing this brilliant citrus juice with our Bayou Rum and the taste was so smooth and refreshing we decided to bottle it!

Bayou® Silver Rum

Silver Bayou Rum is proofed with triple filtered fresh water delivering the cleanest and purest taste possible. From traditional cocktails, including Louisiana favorites, to your own creations, Bayou Rum delivers the heart and soul of the ultimate cocktail experience. The smooth and subtle character of Bayou Rum is perfect over ice, in a classic daiquiri or mojito, or in your favorite rum cocktail creation.

Bayou® Spiced Rum

Spiced Bayou Rum is infused with classic traditional spices with a Louisiana twist. Featuring Louisiana grown ingredients, this special gumbo of spices creates a unique and satisfying blend that makes it the perfect rum for mixing. Spiced Bayou Rum livens up everything from a rum and cola to unsweet tea or an ice cube. One sip and you’ll see what we mean. Laissez les bons temps rouler!





So there you have the basics. I will add to my list of "Gotta have a taste" Rums and  hope I can finagle them to send me a bit of each...

Their site tells of the historic background of rum making in Louisiana from 1751 to 2013. From "Early Jesuits growing cane and using for making tafia (French word for rum prior to British naming in Caribbean)" to "Bayou Rum is announced and the anticipation begins…" A fine history it is too!

They have a very nice site and they have great info - some recipes for drinks, Locators for tours and a lot of great, Rum stuff! Their still is impressive an the Visitor's center looks like a great place to visit - if you happen by or want to plan a road trip... 

I love the post on American Made Rum -- 

"Hello Rick,
Have you heard about Bayou Rum yet? We have been winning a few awards this year...50 to be exact. I guess that makes us "The Most Decorated American Rum" Bayou Rum is America's Rum... Get you Some!" 

Trey Litel posted that - he is one of the founders of Louisiana Spirits and now that we have shaken electronic hands, so to speak, be ready to hear more soon! And to answer your question Trey - Yes.... Yes we have!

See you next week!

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