Thursday, September 11, 2014

Want to become a distiller....?

Soon going into our second full year, #RTRR has become noticed by Distillers world wide. I am eternally grateful, and love to hear from new rums, new distillers from all over, however, we decided soon after starting that we would concentrate on Rum - Made in the United States. I am not just doing flag waving and "My country over all" but, just finding a niche. I was attracted by what I thought would be a tiny niche; Craft Rums made in the US. I have been awed by the numbers of Distillers that are out there. I have to say - I figured we might get to the large double figure level, but find now we are easily in the triple digits. That said, I don't want rum makers over the world to think I am ignoring you. I'm not. I may be drinking your product even. I just am not going to comment, taste test or discuss it here on #RTRR. It is just to simplify my life. This blog is a labor of love. I get a few samples from many of the distillers, many I just buy. I might get a tee shirt, cozy, glass from some. Most I buy. I can say that No One gives me things to sway my opinion. I volunteer to wear tees and display glasses etc, because I promote the industry. 
A while back a Distiller asked me if I ever gave a bad review. I told him that there were/are rums I don't like. There are rums better than others.... to me. It is VERY subjective. Therefore, when I judge it is to MY taste and I try to get that across. I might give a Rum 2 stars, but with the caveat that it was too "___" for me or to little. So i say WHY is did not enjoy it, but also promote the idea: I understand that another enthusiast may love it for that very same reason.... 

Enough blabbing - Let's talk making Spirits. I found this on the Facebook page of The Illinois Craft Distillers Association:

This article originally appeared in Inc.
Boutique American distilleries are having a moment. But just because you've figured out the perfect recipe for your artisanal whiskey doesn't mean you can start selling it. There are three levels of red tape craft distillers have to get past—federal, state, and local, which can entail cities and/or counties—and many rules are time-consuming, and often non-existent. (One distiller I spoke with said it isn't unheard of for local authorities to go back to the books and look up workarounds.) 

Washington is home to the most craft distilleries (80), while Colorado (50) and Michigan (about 40) trail closely behind. The reason for this, says Bill Owens, founder and president of the American Distilling Institute, is their progressive legislatures. In Michigan, that means being able to open tasting rooms downtown where tourists can see them and operating your distillery in town, not near a refinery.
Yet in states like Arizona, where craft distilling is a fairly new phenomenon, entrepreneurs face an uphill battle trying to secure their licenses. With that in mind, here's an overview of some of the red tape craft distillers encounter as they try to get off the ground. ------ Read the entire article here


Save Money, Drink Rum, Visit Chicago, Drink Rum, Meet Rick The Rum Runner.... Drink RUM!

So -- that pretty much Wraps it up for today. 
Don't forget, if you are planning to come to the Chicago Independent Spirits Expo, on Sept 30, 2014, buy your tickets soon. Don't forget to use the code rumrunner to get a $20 discount!

What IS The Chicago Independent Spirits Expo? You ask....

The largest gathering of small, independent, family owned, handcrafted spirits and the distillers, importers, bottlers, distributors and representative under one roof! Sample some of the best of the boutique vodkas, gins, rums, tequilas, mezcals, whiskies and liqueurs from all around the world.

We will be going to The Chicago Independent Spirits Expo!!! I hope to meet and sample all you great Rum Distillers that will be there!
As a reader of Rick The Rum Runner -- we are also offering a discount code thanks to the kind efforts of the Expo Promoters. If you go to their site to buy a ticket - HERE - You will get $20 off either a VIP or GA ticket which are $85 and $65 (now $65 and $45 respectively) Just use the code: rumrunner
If you want to know more or need updates, we will have a page to go to soon!

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