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Rum Stuff... Good Press

Love a great Rum, Love a great Distiller - Love great press.
I understand that even with our current armory of This Blog, and as well as Feedspot as our RSS source, we are still pretty small potatoes. However, our reach is great - our next two great markets outside the US are China and France! And this blog is about US made Rums!

So even though publications compete - we still like to see press that is helpful to our business passion. So that said, the article in entitled: 5 Upstart US Distillers to Watch came out and talked about .. well read the title. So I looked and sure enough that is what they talked about. The BEST thing was we know of and enjoy three of the "Upstarts" and revel in this great press. 

First - About the the magazine =
"Welcome to, where you can find everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.
We're also the publisher of Inc. magazine, which for more than 30 years has been the premier print publication for entrepreneurs and business owners. In 1982, we introduced the Inc. 500, which showcases the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. Twenty-five years later we expanded the list to the Inc. 5000 to help readers get a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape.
We host several Inc. Events, including the annual Inc. 500|5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the Inc. 500|5000 and allows honorees, alumni, and other growth-minded entrepreneurs to learn and network.
We launched, which is replete with small business ideas, information, and inspiration, as well as practical advice from those who have done it before, in 1996."

So they have been around the block...
So who did they talk about? Here are quotes directly from Inc..

Tailwinds Distilling

Tailwinds Distillery is all about two things: aviation and rum. Owner Toby Beall and his brother Jamey are pilots, and they affectionately refer to their distillery as "the hangar." As for the second thing, Toby became obsessed with the spirt after visiting the Caribbean, where the rum was so good he resolved to try making his his own. 
With his wife Jill, he launched the 5,000 square feet distillery in the suburbs of Chicago three years ago. Today Beall releases a new type of rum about every six months

 Drum Circle Distilling

 After selling a handful of websites to Internet Brands for "seven figures" in 2007, Troy Roberts decided the best way to put his windfall to use would be opening Drum Circle Distilling

He took his time with his first batch, releasing his first product, Siesta Key Rum, in 2010. Since then, it's drawn accolades and praise, being named a "best buy" with 91 points by Wine Enthusiast and being described as "dangerously drinkable" in Cooking Light Magazine. His secret: real spices and no liquid flavors.
Drum Circle's products are sold in 14 states.
Lost Spirits Distillery

Known for award-winning rums and peated malts, Lost Spirits takes its drink very seriously. Their rums run the gamut from Polynesian--fermented with banana dunder and Grade A Molasses--to Navy Style, matured using sherried American Oak. And the aromas are very bold.
Master distiller Bryan Davis made a name for himself developing absinthe and whiskey the old-fashioned way, earning him a best-in-class rank for absinthe in imbibe magazine and a silver medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Awards.
Now he's making rum the way the British navy would have liked it hundreds of years ago. The deep mahogany flavor isn't for everyone, but this is as crafty as it gets.


 So there you are -- You can read the entire piece here, and it is worth the read. My advice is if you have a real interest in spirits (the drinkable kind anyway) sign up for their newsletter.

Til next time!


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So -- that pretty much Wraps it up for today. 
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