Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Taste - Devil's Message Rum

I have been promising this for some time so I wanted to give this a good, private tasting and I have finally gotten the chance. I like to do this with a clear head and when I have the extra time. I was sick for a bit and sworn off trying to taste with a bad cold or flu. Now, at last we can pour, smell and taste!

Devil's Message Rum (DMR) is a crystal clear rum. It comes in a nice crystal clear bottle as well, telling one of the name and the distillery: Beir Barrel Distillery.

DMR's aroma is intriguing to say the least. I find it earthy and with a definite sugar note. It is not subtle, it has a bold nose for sure! Because of it's tenacity, some may give a nose wrinkle to it at first. I find great and it get's better once you experience the taste.

Straight up, no splashes, no ice no mix - Sweet is the first note and well hit. There is a certain roughness that in its name - I expected: Bold, sharp. With additional tastes, the slight burn of the first sip is gone and you get the alcohol effect and a bit of a burnt tongue. However, the aftertaste still has a pleasant sugar finish that lasts between sips. 

Let's try another sip with water. First the nose is lighter. That taste is sweeter, immediately. With ice the change takes place over time. Take your time sipping. The ice cools the DMR and the coolness improves the mouth feel. The slight dilution actually makes the rum very nice in on the tongue. This rum would make a top tier mixer as its flavor will stay - enhancing your ingredients no matter the drink. 

All in all I rate Devil's Message Rum a very good rum. The recipe cries out for an aged one and Joel Bierling let me sample one that has been in the cask just a short time. I was NOT disappointed! If you are in the Sparta Michigan, Stop at the Celler Brewing and try Joels whole selection of spirits - you will thank me... Oh and Him too! I promised a re-cap of how we lost almost a half bottle of DMR. Here is my recollection of the tale.

After leaving Sparta we drove to Traverse City and checked in to our hotel. We did not take the bottle of rum from the storage area. The next day as we drove and shopped, tasted and visited we noticed a definite odor in the car. From our stop at Bier Barrel Distillery, I recognized the smell of DMR. Sure enough the interior of the car had gotten so warn the rum must have expanded and popped the cork (Including the wax dip seal) and with the initial release as well as a few hours of stop start driving we had dumped just under 1/2 of the bottle. I admit the interior of the car smelled WONDERFUL, for about a day. Then the delightful head went away. Still the bottle was fine - the rum still tastes great so beyond a loss - no harm done.

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