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We look at - Wilderness Trail Distillery

The journey through rum, even just those distilled in the USA, is a long one. When this blog started (nearly 2 years ago) I figured we might see 30-50 Distillers that made craft Rum in the US. Well, readers; I was Wrong! Seems there are more and more, and the growth seems to be steady. The wine industry followed by the beer brewers were vanguards of this growth. I may be wrong, but this is from my myopic viewpoint, the first
real sight of craft distilled spirits was for Vodka. Of course Moonshine was there - had been forever, but it began to grow, even having its own TV show. I often wonder what a Rum Reality Show would look like?? We may be able to see that some day....

Soon the Vodka makers began to age their spirits and adjust their recipes and now we have many, many whiskeys being distilled and aged. Rum, has popped its head up and in my mind the variety and diversity of flavors, distilling processes, ingredients etc, is much more than I can keep up with. So "home" brewing has grown into a business, home distillation has as well, just as wine production has. Still in most of these the passion for making the product is what drives the business. Sure, there are most likely people out there home distilling an unbelievably good rum, that will never see the light of day, as well as a group that makes, at best, a passable rum that just explodes on the market. I think that in the long run, the market will promote and deny brands that exceed or do not meet standards. 

All that to talk about a Rum that found me. Twitter (@Rick_Rum_Runner) as a real source of new rums that has become a bit of a wild animal to tame. I get "followed" by many every week (Thank YOU!) and some are distillers; some distill spirits and some distill spirits including a rum. Many I miss... sorry. So if YOU are a distiller or know one that makes a rum that is already on the market, is looking to expand their market or is about to get into the market, sure - Follow us on Twitter: @Rick_Rum_Runner, Like us on Facebook and read our blog.... BUT most importantly --- send me an email! Emails don't generally get ignored (unless it is Pharmaceuticals by mail or dating sites). I try to read every one (except the aforementioned). I often get GREAT ideas for blog articles from them. So please - Following us on Twitter is wonderful, but drop us an email if you want to really get the message to use, besides the character count is longer in email.

Today's Rum - as teased so many times, Wilderness Trail Distillery's (WTD): Harvest Rum.

Let's start the conversation about Harvest Rum by mentioning that is not "traditional" rum, it is distilled from a beer made from Sorghum Molasses. If you are a reader of my missives, this is NOT the first time we've seen this, and we tend to like the rum made this way. Let's read what the Distillery says:

Harvest Rum - a Kentucky Sorghum Spirit

Harvest Rum Label"Harvest Rum is very unique and handmade from locally grown Kentucky sweet sorghum molasses. We like to call our award winning Harvest Rum–the Bourbon Drinkers Rum as it presents itself with a Bourbon front and sweet rum finish when enjoyed neat. Danny Townsend, in Mt. Sterling, is the foremost expert on sorghum molasses and his farm hand picks the batches that turn into our Harvest Rum. Sorghum is of the cane-grass family, being we are using the molasses processed from the cane sorghum allows it be classified as a US Gold Rum but it is not like your typical cane sugar rum. The process starts with squeezing the fresh cut stalk to get all of the sweet juice before that is cooked down to remove the water and impurities the old fashion way, by hand and by Danny himself. The spirit is offered at 90 proof and slightly aged for several months in used Kentucky Bourbon barrels from Four Roses, creating a sweet finish and great sipping rum. Of course it’s always a welcomed addition to your favorite cocktail mix such as a Whiskey Sour or Rum Runner for example."

I like the idea of the Bourbon Barrel aging... Have to wait and see to get a taste.

All in all WTD looks like a great Distiller. If you are in Kentucky, or planning to be in the vicinity of Danville Kentucky, make a stop - get a tour and tell them Rick The Rum Runner sent you!

See you next time

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