Friday, August 01, 2014

The Friday Before Vacation!

Back in the day when I actually worked for a living, the Friday before a vacation was special. You almost didn't mind going to work, as you spent the day setting things up to run without you, never passing by the opportunity to jibe your fellow workers that you would be sipping Pina Coladas while they slaved. Of course you knew you'd get it back when they went but it was part of the game.
Now that I am retired.... It still is cool. Even the trip to the bank is different - making sure you have more cash than normal, making the last necessary deposits, generally setting everything up to run with out you. Last minute store stops (to get things vacation-centric) even the act of some preliminary packing and more importantly, travel time table.
Normally the annual trip to northern Michigan (lower) is made in my car, SUNNI1. Unfortunately, this year... It's not gonna happen. She needs to be in the shop and repairs
are set for August 13... Drat. However, the drive for us is part of the adventure. This year like others past, we have some new places to go. For me, most notably, is the Bier Barrel Distillery and meeting (we hope!) Joel Bierling. They have a rum as well as a long list of spirits (and beers foe that matter) so we will be reporting on that new discovery! We plan on stopping buy Sunday August 3 --- on our trip up to Traverse City. I will be posting here when I can but detailed posts after we return.
In our absence I have a couple of my favorite posts from last year... You can re-read or perhaps read for the first time some of out past shenanigans.
During that time We hope to hit some of the past Distillers to re-introduce ourselves, renew relationships and find out what has happened. I will try to post that too as we go. Be prepared for short posts while we are gone - but I will give longer reports upon return....
So -- That's is for me. Until next post I remain:

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