Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Year Later -- Nice Same Place

Manitau Passage Rum
As we lounged but looked for adventure, my wife and I would drive about the Bay Area of Michigan during a week in early August. Last year we had found a new Distiller that made a rum. So off we went on a mission of discovery, this year. We were impressed by the place, by Mark and Mandy Moseler and their spirit for ah-h-h spirits! Having been open for only a short time their selection of various spirits was quite extensive. I don't want to call Mark (Distiller) a mad-scientist but I found his excitement in experimentation very invigorating. Now, I like my drink, but he made it so much fun TO drink. Both are gracious hosts and the store/distillery is party-like all day.

Northern Latitudes Distillery is a destination, not just a place. Mark does all the distillation in view of the public from behind his caged room (appropriate signs asking the public not to feed are posted). The room is part cabin, part store, part distillery and part
cocktail bar. It pretty much has it all. So we were ready for a great visit this year.

The place is pretty much the same as when we last visited. Unfortunately, Mark nor Mandy were there but we sampled some new spirit; Ginger Root Vodka -- Oh my, quite good - have no preconceived notions on this! Had a nice swig of Manitau Passage Rum, and a sip of their Limoncello di Leelanau. That BTW is a treat! 

It is nice to see that the place is busy.  A tour-bus was parked out from ant we saw at least 3-4 couples come in on their own from the parking lot. People have discovered this place.

As from the original visit my take on Manitau Passage Rum (MPR) is simple. It is a blackstrap molasses base and I find while there is sweetness a lingering peppery taste when compared to most other white rums. So a bit of spice even in a clear. I find it a very good mixer. If you are drinking a Dark and Stormy - while 99% of the time you will want an aged rum, MPR fills the gap.

See you next week!

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