Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Craft Rum - Gearing up!

As noted in earlier blogs I was able to visit Joel Bierling, owner and Distiller of Devil's Message Rum, while in Sparta Michigan. Bier Barrel Distillery is located in Cellar Brewing, a really nice Brew Pub and Brewery. BBD is included in a small section and is glassed in so patrons can see Joel distilling, while they visit, drink and eat.

Joel Bierling was a Computer Programmer and was looking for something to satisfy his need for diversity and his growing entrepreneurship. He eventually was introduced to brewing and distilling, found he had great satisfaction both learning and experimenting. He liked distillation enough to parent 5 spirits to date. While there my Wife and I sampled them all.While Rum is my favorite always - his Heart Cut Vodka is very good and as much as I avoid Gin - the Mom's Ruin was quite delicious! I invite you to visit and sample at this cozy yet very cool Pub. 

Lets talk Rum, specifically Devil's Message Rum. Joel comments on his Rum in the website:

"Today there are a variety of rums based on the type of sugar cane product used in the fermentation process. Various grades of molasses can be used, resulting in a stronger or more rustic flavor. Panela, unrefined whole cane sugar, and processed cane sugar can also be used. Rum may be aged or unaged and is sometimes spiced. Our rum, made from unrefined dehydrated sugar cane juice, will absolutely quench your thirst. It has a distinctly sugar cane flavor without an overly assertive molasses tone."

I took my first sample and upon inhaling found an earthy cane-like aroma. This is not the candy smells that often permeate rum, even whites (which this is). Sip; the flavor is subtle, it sweetens while it stays in your mouth. Very smooth, at 90 proof it is silken. I can see where the "Quenching thirst" claim comes from - clean, refreshing is s very good description. This is a very very good mixing Rum, also can be sipped. My feeling is this rum would definitely improve with aging. To my delight, Joel has a couple of casks, aging and allowed me to taste as well.

Partially aged (Bierling claims he is about 1/2 way home) the Rum assumed a VERY distinctive aroma and taste. The woodiness of the oak and the cane aromas mix into a very attractive bouquet. Once I tasted it I immediately told Joel, "This is a winner!" the flavor just comes alive and the cane/sugar taste is sweet, smokey and delicious... 

The Devil's Message is just new on the market and I ask that you go to the website for more information to get a bottle. The Aged Rum is still months away but I think well worth the wait.
I wish Joel and everyone at both Bier Barrel Distillery and Cellar Brewing a thank you and best of luck... Big fan here

----Oh as a funny story and a warning to Rum-Lovers everywhere; We left with a bottle of Devil's Message for home. The car was pretty well packed as we were hours away from our final destination for the day (here). We simply put it in the open side bin in the rear of the cargo area. Left there when we got into our room, it was the next day when I detected a delightful, but disturbing aroma. Seems the heat in the car had expanded the spirit a bit and it popped the SEALED top - "wax" coating and all! Lost nearly 1/2 -- but later taste tast proved the remaining is just fine!----

As we continue our week - watch for new Distillers that I found or that found me, as well as a local Distiller that gets some great newspaper publicity... Until then...
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