Friday, August 29, 2014

Lyon Distilling Company - Today's look

We have touched upon Lyons Distilling before, this time I wanted to give some detail. Located in St Micheals, Maryland, LD has a menu of spirits - certainly not least of which is Rum. Their own
Description is:
"Maryland's premier craft distillery - producing hand-crafted spirits by transforming raw ingredients (molasses, sugar, local grains) into splendid liquor (rum, corn whiskey, rye whiskey) step by step, in very small batches, using traditional pot stills made in Kentucky."

I know little about their Rum itself, but do know they only sell it at their distillery, for now.I will endeavor to discover even more.
I have not been able to locate a website but their Facebook page is quite informative. Seems to this Rum Runner that the East Coast has a great representation of Distilleries that make Rum. I need to plan a vacation there.... Or invite them here.

Along those very lines, we are attempting to secure credentials (Pass) to attend The Chicago Indie
Spirits Expo on September 30. I'd love to hear from you Distillers out there that will be attending - so we can get a chat in and sample those long awaited spirits! I have reached out to the promoters, who have written that they will give me a promo number that I can publish here allowing you a discounted entry! Come back Monday for your code!

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  1. LYON DISTILLING will be at the Chicago Indie Spirits Expo -- look forward to meeting (& drinking) with you --- CHEERS!

    1. We will be there also (working press!!) -- So hope to meet you and others there!