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Rum -- 5 under $25.00 - My Choices

Today we are going to talk price, and Craft American Made Rums. Many people who I introduce to the oh so wonderful tastes of so many of the great rums made often say "I can't afford to drink rum like that.... Too expensive." Nay I say (OK -- I don't say nay, usually my response contains the words starting with a B and an S), I can list some great rums under $25.00. Some so inexpensive you may be able to try 2 for just over a combined cost of $25.00.
So, when asked that we list our top five, under $25.00 Rums, I liked that idea right-away! So when Anna Archibald asked me to give it a shot as one of the Rum Experts on I was up for the challenge. 
Let's look at the five. I am not rating these five from 1-5 or any other Good to Best just the five I enjoy and fit the $25 limit.

First -- Sergeant Classick Rum -- White -- This was included in our First (hopefully) annual Spirits Taste 2013 (ST2013). The White is a very palatable white rum. The flavors are sweet, many detect an essence of pineapple. As is the case with many White Rums, it has a tiny bite in front but a mellow pleasant taste. VERY blend-able and very popular at "The Taste". I recommend this as a deal under the price limits.

The second offering -- Northern Latitudes' - Manitou Passage 

This was a discovery just last Summer and was also in the Spirits Taste 2013. As a white - this also tends toward being a mixer, but the taste is quite bold and very distinctive. I have had reactions of peppermint, Peppercorn. I find the taste more towards the Peppercorn side with an after taste that sweetens as it lingers. This is not a white Rum for the timid. Very warming. That said -- this is a nice sipper as well.

Number Three --  Ugly Dog Distillery - Ugly Dog Rum
This was a huge hit as the universal mixer. Gonna make a Cuba Libre? This is your Rum - Sharp, intense and will remind you of a moonshine whiskey. However, combined with mixers -- Yes - a taste made to join with colas, fruit juices -- top notch Mixer in my opinion.

Brings us to #4 --  Striped Pig  
This was the first rum tasted at ST2013. I think it was a great rum to start with. Robust, with aromas of vanilla (and a hint in the taste as well) along with mint and sweetness. This rum has a long, long after taste that was almost universally liked and I too liked the linger. As a White Rum you'd think: Just a mixer. Not so -- this is a full bodied sipper. I recommend a splash of water - perhaps a rock or to (a refrigerated bottle is recommended) and time to enjoy.

Finally - and not least at all -- Muddy River Distilling - Carolina Rum 
A great Rum under the limit and the Distillery is growing and expanding. The Rum itself has a very full flavor. Many people comment it tastes like "Old Fashioned Rum". This a truely a multi-purpose rum. Blend it - chill it sip it -- its all good. Sweet aroma - hints of Licerice & Butterscotch. Smooth and warming like a rum should be.

So, there you go. Reasonably priced (based on 2013 prices) - very, very good rums. However, these are not always readily available. You have to WANT them. Some are not available outside their states of origin. Some don't sell online, or not at this time. So I made sure I added links to each one so you can visit the sites and as I have found - discover a way to get your hands on a fine hand crafted rum. Believe me it is worth the effort! Additionally - Visit our blog site and go to the State-by-State list. Find the rum you are looking for and talk to the Distiller. It is a rewarding experience!
There is a whole world of delicious rums that fit into our Made In America niche. There are Fabulous rums running upwards of $40 a bottle, and well worth it to my taste. There are mid range and this list - under $25 that has some great quality spirits.

OK -- After all this writing about them... I think I will have a mini-taste right now 
Tile Next Time I remain:

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