Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Check In

Well, it's your friendly neighborhood Rum Runner here. Gearing up for a trip to the North-woods next week.I tend to to be there early in August every year, and this year is no different. So we will discuss what I plan to see and visit, rum-wise, here. First though a bit of an announcement. 

Tailwinds distillery and their line of great spirits (some great rums there) have now expanded their market into Wisconsin! Great to see this - I hope they continue and make Agave and Rum drinkers happy  across the US and one day --- Beyond?

So while we are in Michigan, we plan to stop in and see the folks at Northern Latitudes Distillery on the Leelanau peninsula. We love their Manitou Passage Rum. However they are not a one-trick pony here. I can HIGHLY recommend their Apollo Horseradish Vodka (makes the Bloody Mary - Merry). Another favorite is their Limoncello di Leelanau. According to Mark Moseler (Proprietor and Distiller) told me they peel at least 400 lemons each Friday just to keep up stock! Once you taste it you may just tell him, "You may need more lemons" because this stuff is great and the market is expanding.

Another stop, Grand Traverse Distillery. When we last left off there was a hope (I'd like to say Promise) from the Distiller that they'd be releasing a Rum....... Soon, hopefully in time for my visit. Well, I have not kept up with them -- so this will be a great way to find out... Their website says it is currently aging ... let's see if I can sneak a taste!

Catch you later and will be sending out blurbs from the field soon!!!


  1. Visiting Michigan? Visit us in Sparta, MI.
    We'd be happy to show you around.

    1. Joel - We have added your Distillery as a "Place to See." Don't know what day (after Aug 1 till about Aug 10), but we will try to stop!