Monday, June 02, 2014

Run!!! There's A Barrel Of Rum Headed Your Way!

Hey everyone! I am back. The short hiatus has help me get my wife back on her legs - and I got my head cleared from all those things that clutter ones mind when not sipping a fine rum. Let's get re-introduced with just a gabby catch up from me.

First, Seems there could be some interesting news headed down the road from a local distiller near me. I am all excited at the proposals and will pass them on to you just as soon as I get the OK and concrete details...

Second, I am appealing to any/all who read this article to check around, look at local directories and perhaps just draw on memory and send me any Distillers in YOUR area that make a rum. Heck, even if they don't I can always send them a harassing letter telling them they need to make this fine distilled spirit.

Next, Seems CH Distillery has grown and released some news I feel is noteworthy. Again - this is local to Me and Chicagoland -- But make sure Distillers everywhere that distill Rum let me know and I will pass on information about you.... Any way - CH Distillery - maker of CH Rum and other fine sprits recently released this news:

CH Distillery Newsletter: May/June 2014
CH Amaro Release: TONIGHT! Get ready for Chicago's first local Amaro! We've put our own spin on the bittersweet, herbal Italian liqueur, using specially-distilled CH Rum and our proprietary blend of ingredients, including Gentian Root from Rare Tea Cellar (Chicago), Cocoa Nibs from Ethereal Confections (Woodstock, IL) and Clover Honey from Hawk Hill Bee Farm (Marengo, IL). Local companies and exotic flavors… talk about a bittersweet symphony. Enjoy CH Amaro (40% Alc/Vol) straight as an after-dinner digestivo, try it in CH’s latest cocktails The Bombardier and Bells and Whistles, or pick up a bottle at CH for $35.
Patio Launch Party with Crafthouse Cocktails: Tuesday, June 10th
Save the date for our patio festivities celebrating CH's partnership with Crafthouse Cocktails. Founder/The Aviary beverage director Charles Joly will be pouring samples. Plus, the three little words you've all been waiting for: Limoncello snow cones.

Wade McElroy/Sportsman's Club Guest Bartender Night: Tuesday, June 17th
Next up in our Guest Bartender Series is Wade McElroy from industry favorite Sportsman's Club. He was recently named one of Zagat's '30 Under 30' and has a way with Amaro. But don't just take our word for it; mark your calendars and come see it for yourself.

So some exciting local news here in Chicagoland -- What is happening in your neck of the woods?? 

Remember - Planning a trip?? Consult our all-encompassing list of Distillers in nearly every state and plan your next road trip to a distillery! You will love the hospitality and enjoy the spirit and passion of the Owners/distillers and staff.   There is nothing like doing it in person!!

So get set to mix a nice cool rum-drink and get ready to launch Summer! Remember I am
----   And make sure you - Lick The Glass!

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