Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June 4, 2014 - Ask & You Shall Receive!

I was just asking for new Distillers and BOOM!! Along come a wonderful bunch of them (via Twitter! - @Rick_Rum_Runner), so I will introduce a few that we have checked out over the next few blog-articles.

Miami Club Rum!!!!
This place sounds great and can't wait to try their Rum

From their Website:

Welcome to Miami Club Rum - Miami's Only Rum Distillery

Discover Miami’s own hand-crafted rum;
Miami Club Rum…

  A unique experience combining local craftsmanship, superior Florida ingredients and our distinct aging process - “Infused with Music” - to create a smooth, “Ultimately Mixable” flavor profile that brings people from all over the world together!

Sexy, Fun, Delicious…Miami Club Rum!

Miami Club Rum is the Hometown Spirit of Miami!
Hand-crafted in Miami’s first distillery, Miami Club Rum is made by artisans with a family history of rum production that dates back 5 generations!
Our distillers utilize South Florida sugarcane and other superior local ingredients right here in Miami to create a smooth and ‘Ultimately Mixable’ rum experience.
Sexy, Fun, Delicious… Miami Club Rum! The hometown Spirit of Miami!”

They  seem to be primarily available in the Miami area. This is disappointing -- but at the same time challenging!! If the fine people at MCR are reading this -- I'd LOVE a sample!! If not and I am in the Miami area, I will definitely attempt to visit!

I will keep looking and keep posting -- You can now find Miami Club Rum on our list!!!

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